Special recommendation UUsee lust caution advertising dark horse exclusive promotionThe shlf131

thanks for your cooperation,

2. red payment treatment: in the activity cycle as a unit, during the event, the total income of members reached the ladder, you can get bonus bonus, please click on the activities

please the webmaster enthusiastically launch,

In order to improve the

: as you improve the advertising effect tips:

UUSee network television advertising to download and install and activate the number, please Adsense on their website page with the following code generation after each page will pop up top mounted UUSee television network that effectively guide users to download and install, activate

< part head: note! – code character set encoding charset=utf-8 –>
< head>
< META http-equiv=Content-Type content=" text/html; charset=utf-8" >
< link href=" uusee/ tg/top/css.css" media=" all" rel=" stylesheet" type=" text/css" />
< script type=" text/javascript" src=" uusee.c>;

members of the League:

Hello everyone:

dark horse dark horse Alliance launched in December 12th to send gifts – Red Christmas with you! union.heima8/huodong/shengdan.html, in a short period of time in a week, achieved very good results, on this basis, uusee is more effective in order to guide the installation and activation of the United League exclusive promotion new horse advertising, advertising the code adds new ideas, launch strong lust picture code, uusee exclusive network premiere, will hit a peak download activation.

this is the most basic optimization technique for shlf1314 AdSense, but it’s also the best technique:

    1. displays ads in an obvious position. Placing ads in an obvious location where they do not have to scroll can make it easier for visitors to see ads, thereby increasing the chance of clicking.
    2. custom advertising color matching. Try using custom colors for the ad unit, which helps you ensure that the text, background, and border color of the advertisement enhance the appearance of the site. You can choose from a large number of colors, form your own custom palette, or choose more than 20 predefined colors.
          when using palette, proposed:
      A.;     the background color of the ad should be the same as or similar to the background color of the web page.
        B.;   for the banner border, select a color that is very prominent on your web page.
        C.;   select a color that is similar to the page text for the banner title.
        D.;   for ad sites, select a color that is similar to other links on the web page.
    3.  try different advertising formats. Web pages are different in style, so you should try using different ad formats to match different page layouts.
    4.. Put AdSense ads on more colorful pages. Add AdSense ad code to your web site, and the main content is on the text page. We use only text to determine the content of a web page. Therefore, although the shlf1314 positioning technology has been optimized to advertising positioning to content frequently updated web pages, however, those who have a lot of image "with Macromedia or Flash? Dynamic media content" may still be unable to launch advertising. The application of shlf1314


1. weeks pay: from December 12th to calculate, to week as a unit, when the week’s income is greater than 500 yuan, you can apply for weekly payment;

activity content:

Dark Horse Christmas activities:

! ! !

activity cycle: 2007-12-12 days to 2008-01-12 days,

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