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believes everyone has some knowledge of LevelUp, a newcomer to the mobile payment market and a strong contender for PayPal and Square. LevelUp was released in early 2011 and has now received $21 million in investment.

in order to remain competitive in the mobile payment market, LevelUp get along with many unique practices, such as the abolition of merchant transfer fees, to bring customers to earn commissions, and so on, welcomed by businesses.



former vice president of Alibaba and adding dry Garvey have close relationship, and the traditional enterprise management, his rich experience dealing with the line, in a very short period of time to raise the whole management level and operational efficiency.

O2O entrepreneurship has become a prairie fire, more entrepreneurs will continue to enter. Internet entrepreneurs how to O2O with a combination of traditional industries? What are the pitfalls of O2O entrepreneurship in the south? Seven interview with O2O community neighborhood entrepreneurs, CEO chi square, listen to the Tencent and has a background of entrepreneur perception of Vanke O2O.

reviews the field of Internet entrepreneurship in the 2014, and O2O is definitely one of the hottest concepts, none of them. A year, all kinds of O2O related projects and concepts began to focus on outbreaks, catering, home economics, nails, cars, rental housing, etc., penetrated every aspect of people’s daily life.


The rapid expansion of the United States Mission

as the industry most venture capital institutions keen sense of smell, naturally will not miss this entrepreneurial feast, have hit the price of investment, to seize the site, all of the huge financing: never heard of before continuously hungry E $350 million round of financing, the U.S. group net D round of $700 million financing, taxi drops announced that the company received more than $700 million D round public comment, financing $850 million in a new round of financing may be completed soon. I believe this momentum will continue this year.


O2O and people’s lives are getting closer and closer to the Internet and the traditional industries and offline increasingly rapid spread. With the consumption of mainstream population age changes, 80 or even 90 after the new generation of the crowd has become the main force of society. More and more consumers are interested in fast, efficient and convenient lifestyle.

Bo Zaarly, founder of

See more about LevelUp


reports: "mobile payments by four: $9 million LevelUp strong push fee free"

O2O is a cross boundary game,

Seth said: "our biggest competitor right now is Square, because it has just received a huge investment from Starbucks."." Currently, LevelUp has signed with 3800 merchants, the number of active users more than 300 thousand, 15 thousand new users per week, is expected to be in 2013 the number of users can reach 1 million. In addition, Seth said it would not give up the previous SCVNGR, but also regularly updated.

in 2008, Seth Priebatsch Inc. developed a location-based gaming app called SCVNGR. Achieve no small success. In those days, Seth was a new student at Princeton University. He also has a more famous application – LevelUp.

has the Internet thinking, but also has the experience of traditional industries, which become O2O field of entrepreneurship for the founder and team of rigid requirements. As Cai Wensheng said, "the future belongs to that."

Fishback, said their team created the app in just 60 days, though

Zaarly’s first appearance at the southwest Music Festival in 2011 was welcomed, and a great deal of investment has since been made. Zaarly is a regional market where users can buy and sell goods or services from people in their area and earn money from them. Zaarly’s seed fund comes from celebrities Ashton, Kutcher and Demi Moore, totaling $1 million. Subsequently, it received a further $14 million 100 thousand in venture capital.

and most of the current domestic production methods in the field of life, many of the existing industry model has existed for more than a dozen or even decades. Take takeout, for example, community O2O. When Wang Mei group the Internet play into the catering industry, closely related to our life, but has been ignored in the catering industry amazing burst of energy, the U.S. group expects 2015 revenues of more than 100 billion, the overall valuation of billions of dollars.

some enterprises are destined to succeed, and some enterprises are doomed to be destroyed. Business success depends on whether the factors too much, not one or two words can say, here to introduce 5 readers have unlimited scenery of business enterprises, of which there are several has made no small achievement, but some companies seem to have disappeared in the world……

according to available statistics, there are now about more than 500 projects related to the community O2O concept of national entrepreneurship projects, and this data is still growing rapidly. Among them, 95% of entrepreneurs want to bypass existing property or directly want to replace property. Only 5% of entrepreneurs want to coexist with property.

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