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case, we help the Qihoo financing in 2006, when the Qihoo at the same time in the two lines with the two largest Internet Co in the fight, financing is not very smooth. Then we went to Silicon Valley with Zhou Hongyi and saw a circle of VC. High >

second step: looking for investors – look at the early project, the most important standard is always team

Tips1: financing in general, mainly including equity and debt financing. In the early days, the company was mainly equity based, and the creditor’s rights were more difficult. Most of the first financing is the founder of the company’s own investment, as well as the investment from angel investors, the probability of failure to invest in angel is very high.

, managing director of Huaxing capital, head of Huaxing Alpha, Zhou Xiang,

The first thing is the timing of the

webmaster, Adsense every day in the call, no day contact, but there are a few people can say the meaning of these two words webmaster, there are standing people are collectively called webmaster. Do not just for this title, but because the site can make money, or even a short period of time to make money, people always think that the advantages of the Internet is as a webmaster is the advantage of traditional industries and not to mention theory. The webmaster aim is to make money, earn money hard, but we tend to think that, traffic and ranking, and then go to advertising, even GG, because this model is much China webmaster go mode of pursuit of all the traffic has to pave the way for.

today chatting with a friend, he told me one of his station is now a month can earn about 1000+, but I opened the website statistics of the advertisement of the mom found only the poor dozens of IP. But he really has more than 1000 of the income in a month, not by GG, not by advertising, of course, she does not have their own products. That is to sell connection, I went to search his station, there is no one primary key word, so traffic can be ignored, do not remember, but he comes from the web site revenue is about one thousand a month.

review: in forensic business annual meeting, general manager of Renaissance director, Huaxing Alpha chief of Zhou Xiang, starting from their own experience tell you start-ups in the whole process of financing must pay attention to what the problem.

my friend gave me such an idea today. Site no longer consider SEO. Even keyword, consider only sh419’s collection and changes in GGPR. Because of the support of the A5 link transaction, the revenue of selling connections is often greater than the total income of the entire site. For some novice webmasters, at least that’s it. How to do, I don’t want to go on, some things say too understand personal feeling is not a good thing, at least in this circle is that, for a very simple example, those who rely on the sale of links for the purpose of the station, a site with a hundred the link is a normal thing. Of course, they will also go to a regular various grades and ranks according to their own, usually a PR3 included in more than 500 of the basic price in 10 yuan, this is good N*N+N*N and mode of thinking is such. text / heartbreak first webmaster network admin5 reprinted, indicating station

money is really well earned, not only outstanding in this industry, rely on garbage station do a keyword and then get traffic from sh419 GG to do it, now do not seem to fit, although several years ago for some webmaster was made up, but now you have no choice except envy the. Either because the profit pattern of ordinary webmaster is to rely on their own products and services, as far as I know, the real conversion at this stage is not now to think of something on their own and flow through the various income after deprivation of alliance.

to Jingdong case, I want to tell you, when the capital market is good, do not hesitate, otherwise, until the cold winter into the capital market, the financing process is basically difficult to complete, or will drag on for a long time. Of course, when the money is relatively smooth, do not spend lavishly, the entire capital planning or to do well.


investors how to vote for you? Of course, to understand the investment standards in the eyes of investors, we sum up ourselves, the most important is the team.

the first step: financing opportunities – when the capital market is good, don’t hesitate,

after that, the Jingdong went to school very smart. Basically, every financing was chosen at the best time in the capital market. For example, after the market recovery in 2011, to get tens of millions of dollars. A few months later, it launched a new round of financing, and after three or four months, Jingdong received $1 billion investment, which has played a very big role in the development of Jingdong.

how to find investors? The most reliable or acquaintances recommended, but also through some media platform exposure, or exposure in the activities of the forum.

to Jingdong, for example, when the 2008 Jingdong B round, when the capital market is not very obvious, coupled with the outbreak of the economic crisis, then basically no one voted. At that time, Jingdong’s losses were serious, the amount of financing before is not large, and it needs a lot of capital investment. It can be said to be the most difficult financing ever undertaken by Jingdong.

financing, often on the financing of the most important time point is when the company develops quickly, or when funds are tight, or is expected to require relatively large capital investment is in need of money, and the capital market intense.

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