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      what station is a personal website, my definition is in addition to the operation of the station is in the form of company website. Generally speaking, the personal website has two characteristics, one is less, the vast number of personal websites from the site to the content to the publicity, is a person to do; two is the capital, the vast number of personal websites are lack of funds, as I like the webmaster is almost saved from living expenses in the money to the site; these two characteristics determine the individual station cannot and should not be like the portal, ask for perfection, blindly follow the trend, finally may be nothing. Therefore, accurate positioning, is the personal website success is the most critical step.

      one, only to provide services for a special group. Samsung’s success lies in the white-collar bourgeoisie, sh419 post success, is to grasp the students. Property is the lack of personal website, should focus on the advantages, one after the main segments after the target group. For example, if you want to do a forum, the national Internet users included, and pictures, movies, music, jokes seem to be grabbed, ages, but no feature, also cannot be gathered popularity. On the contrary, if you put in the forum as a special group to provide services, such as a forum for gay dance, a gay forum, for people to do a love storytelling storytelling forum, then love dance, your forum members, linfe.

      two, only do you have a deep understanding of the content. If you don’t understand storytelling, storytelling network certainly not you do it to impress those storytelling enthusiasts, if you don’t understand hip-hop, you come out of the street network may be just some hip-hop pictures and simple display tutorial. Only you on some aspects have more in-depth understanding, you know what your users love in the end, you can make what they really need.

      three, their only promotion resources website. Do a website is not difficult, the difficulty is how to put up his promotion operations. Yesterday in a master exchange group encounter a person, say that they want to do a site navigation station, and in two months to twenty thousand and IP. Then the exchange surprised me, he even put such as webmaster statistics such code where statistics site visits do not know. I have no language. If they do not have traffic support, not to burn, want to put a seemingly HAO123 navigation station to do 20 thousand IP easier said than done. A month ago, I had a day when the site was collected according to the routing, timing automatically ranking entertainment navigation station, every day from their other stations cited more than 5000 of the traffic to support the initial development, and also the station did not participate in the ranking of antecedents. This is to ensure that every web site can be added.

In fact, the

never will look only on the front, I can’t deny our business purpose is to make money, but the premise is that you must understand how you earn money, in what way, after how hard, at what time. Starting a business doesn’t make you rich overnight.

we all know the density, but the density we speak here is not what we mean by density. Here’s the density of what you have in your mind. For a simple example, water is liquid at room temperature, low temperature is solid, high temperature is gas, and as an entrepreneur, if you have a smaller density of mind, then you can only

ability level

density of mind

of course thinking but also consider what they want to do business, and interest must be at a point, if you are not interested in things, how can you let others interested in? Do a line to love, and do the premise is that you must love it.

the bottom of the body with the body dry, the middle of the heart to do, high-level experience and spiritual work, I suddenly thought of a sentence called: "wisdom comes from learning, genius lies in accumulation.".

take my own experience to give an example: when I first started, in order to save costs, what I try to choose some relatively cheap, the later is a problem, the customer came to the door, I have no money to pay them, so they can only be closed, closed. For this reason, I almost learned how to jump on the floor. But I finally did, I was re opened, compensation for the loss of customers, although the time to tighten their belts, but now it seems to see his silly, but also glad of their choice.

entrepreneurship is like a practice of self-cultivation, different levels of people will have different eyes, see different things, and different attitudes, and this is because we stand at different heights.

depth of thought

There is

today, to share some of the experiences of my own entrepreneurial process, I summarize them as "five degrees" and hope that what I say will make you fruitful:

market is like a chain, the chain in nature will have low, high, but the chain is not stable, some people were swallowed up, there will be continued growth and development, and to rise; if you are on the chain of the most senior are also at risk are lower and the top down. These are the ability of an individual to reflect the place.

since the choice of the business, then you must also bear the responsibility and risks of entrepreneurship for you, for your customers and staff, at the same time you have to bear the risk of possible failure at any time. What you have to do is how to avoid failure by communicating good customers and managing good employees.

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