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since 2017, short video more and more hot, in addition to today’s headlines such giants layout, recently, NetEase cloud music also on-line short video features, a short time video attracted heated debate. But short video really is a big trend in the next content of entrepreneurship? Why has worked for a long time in a short video Papi sauce to make the transformation? This is for everyone to carry on, analyzes the 7 major development trends of short video industry in 2017. Among them, commercial mention triggered big reshuffle, short video entrepreneurs will be differentiated. In 2017, only the head, waist and large vertical, can see the hope, the other is likely to return to the origin, or become cannon fodder.


4, keep learning. Tao is not simple, although Ali mother the process very thorough and clear, but to become real money guest, is not an easy thing, we need to study the accumulation of new knowledge, and apply it to your guest promotion to SEO, such as network marketing, you need these knowledge is accumulated gradually rich harvest, always with proportional pay, unless you have to hold back the 5 million prize for Shuangseqiu 2 yuan, not.

do not squeeze into the above three categories of "Survivor" industry team, can only become cannon fodder.

2, good program. If the domain name and the choice of space, will affect your entire site and stability of your sh419 included, so Web application will directly affect your income, now some free programs are popular online with the back door, so finding a program to be careful, otherwise the guest after the fruit is awake for others. There is a lot about how to identify the backdoor of some methods in the community, know a little guest will know how to distinguish, even if you do not have this knowledge, then Amoy road you don’t need to go down. If you do not worry about the free program, then the program can also be bought, such as perfect, what procedures can be.

in 2017, caused by the commercialization of this field will shuffle a lot of foam squeezed out a short video: unable to nourish into content products of network nodes will become invalid traffic flow.

In order to attract users, most short videos provide high strength and high value content in a short time, which has become the first choice for many people in

two, entertainment, funny, hot content is traffic favorite, but vertical plowing is the real way out,

many failed to become potential, start, that is, small film and television production company PGC team will return to the original content of pure production role, to work for a living;

1, domain name and space – site first step. If you really want to do Amoy, Amoy identity, want to make money, must take the domain and space domain are chosen, needless to say, at the end of last year, the domestic Internet of things, let the big guys lost the confidence of the CN domain name, I want to remind you that the domain name registration must find famous recommendation: network service providers, renamed, Chinese, A5 website I registered another station soso361.cn error trap. Then there is a stable space, want the website has been good included, and not abandoned by sh419, it is not that a few pence, a stable space, is likely to make you hard half set up good, come to naught.

since July 31st 09 registered Amoy new domain name began, and today, the site finally has a little achievement, more than IP3000 days, sh419 included in the 10W, monthly income can reach 1K/ months. Although those weekly income tens of thousands of guest experts, I this achievement is not what, but I was very happy to share with you some of my experience, hope for the new to the Amoy friends, and friends are being rushed to the guest on some inspiration and help.

, that is to say, in 2017, only the head, waist and large vertical, can see hope, otherwise it is likely to return to the origin, or become cannon fodder.

the current economic era of rapid development, people increasingly fast pace of life, after a long video hundreds of dozens of minutes is a huge challenge for many users, and plays are difficult to directly meet the current social hot spots, so short video due to its low threshold and no technology at all cost in short time to meet the popular demand.

many waist content and vertical large will turn to electricity providers and other attempts;

and squeezing out the bubble, short video industry will undergo differentiation:

appears in the network movie, although the humour and entertainment stars dominate the short video content pool, but the proportion is declining, the content flow is easy to obtain, but the content tends to homogenization, difficulties in realization of business.


3, good mentality. The community can often be seen on the first day into the thousand yuan, income and similar shocking crazy posts, but this man is not you, although not rule out that some people do, but their achievements are there for a reason, and you don’t do it, do your own thing on it. Many guest came step by step, this requires a process of exploration, from the first few dollars a day later, tens of hundreds of dollars a day. Without insisting, I believe you’ll always see the sun the day after tomorrow borrow Ma boss’s words.

head content, with its own hoarding of flow pool, can eat enough advertising transfer bonus;


in 2017, focusing on medicine, finance, mother and baby, gender, basic necessities of life and other professional knowledge, vertical content is easier to obtain capital favor, vertical short class video is still a competition

first, commercial triggered big reshuffle, short video entrepreneurs will differentiate

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