Entrepreneur don’t be defeated by yourselfPresident Clhero announced that the way to make money lies

, from October to December, really earned money for a while, because I applied for 1 , and some people got a couple of at once. More shops will certainly rent people shop, because I need to earn money, I rented 2 shops monthly rent 150 yuan a. It’s cheap. 1 hours. I can earn 2 of the store’s money. A month later, I bought a HP notebook. At that time, because most of the students in the school went to practice, our school 12 power outages, I basically go to bed at 3 notebook electricity can also use 2 hours plus bedtime brewing for an hour. A lot of people call me at night, so I get up at 5 in the morning.

, verify your own ideas,

Before you start

experienced entrepreneurs from the "ex Zhu Geliang" style of reflection summed up the strength to support their perseverance, but the first venture is not so lucky. Each obstacle may hold you back and give it up – your dream of business will end when you haven’t really started yet.

people say that entrepreneurship is not easy. It’s a bit conservative. In fact, entrepreneurship is an extremely painful process. Sometimes you seem to be on top of the world, but at other times, you just have to watch everything fall apart in front of you, you can’t help yourself, and your heart is full of frustration and frustration.

lead: some start-up entrepreneurs often due to their own problems and crashed out of the sea, distraught. Several entrepreneurs share the lessons of verifying their creativity, early, and often, that the world does not owe you anything.

when you start your first venture, it’s hard to see the light of the future. The temporary setbacks seem to follow, and you may not realize that you are the biggest obstacle and enemy of yourself.

the way to make money is by heart. President clhero declared

, 2006, October, when I was at school, I happened to meet the Tencent and pat my first CP. To tell you the truth, the QCC production was pretty simple at that time. Actually, it’s a background map. I’m studying e-commerce, I haven’t studied flash. In 2006, during the summer vacation, I studied at home for a girl who wanted to pursue the art department.

if you create a product that does not have a clear market, or the product you are creating is not what the customer wants, the end result can only be a waste of money. Entrepreneurs are easy to fall into the trap of quick execution. When we are passionate about something, we often have difficulty resisting the temptation to put our ideas into practice quickly.

Herbert said, "when I started my second business, I asked the designer to create a prototype that you could click.". As a result, 90% of the solutions are not what my clients want

but this is not uncommon. Every experienced entrepreneur has experienced your current predicament, and they have learned one of the most important lessons: how do you prevent yourself from becoming a stumbling block to your company’s success?.

some start-up entrepreneurs often due to their own problems and crashed out of the sea, distraught. To avoid subsequent mistakes, several entrepreneurs share their own lessons: to validate their creativity, to be as early as possible and often authorized, that the world does not owe you anything.

when we first started, we invested thousands of dollars before we could communicate with customers. We want to create a blog network, and many of our assumptions are completely wrong. The venture ended in failure, and we couldn’t even put the product in front of any customer." – clay Herbert, founder of CrowdfundingHacks, founder of

the first thing to get up is to see how many pages of goods are shipped today. One page is 10, and about 3 pages per morning. When I saw more than 3 pages, my desire immediately disappeared and I was all involved in moneymaking ventures. Dormitory 6 people, 4 people go to Jiangsu’s ASUS practice, 1 people go to sell a bicycle to go. So every day I was quiet, dormitory 4, not what people, I basically 3-5 days to go to the supermarket, purchase a large number of basic food, 3-5 day why, every day is to eat the most busy time. Think about what you feel like talking to more than 40 people at the same time. First of all, thank you for buying HP for 06 years. To tell you the truth, it’s not bad until now. At the same time open a web page, three swordsman not card. The only time I want to see some kind of movie is

ah, really should that sentence, many do not press the body. When I first started to engage in QCC, the country of more than 50 people, although the space has about 20000000 users, but at the beginning, my business is not too good, after more than a month now, I call the other pat credit really fast, I don’t think so, so I put more than 40 CP added. 18 hours a day to monitor their on-line status and the store’s situation. The way to make money lies in your intentions. In the end, I found the mystery of this industry. The space was 3 before. Non mainstream wasn’t too popular at that time. The popular one was signature, and flash was too popular for cpu. Don’t do so at that time as a series of high-tech frustrated QCC we all know the speed in the space originally unpleasant so I do is a large number of signature series. And also on the goods, skills, good business home, are punctual 15-50 seconds after the goods. I immediately ran what I could find.

below are three tips from other entrepreneurs:

but your plan may be wrong. You may think that the idea you are pursuing is exactly what the customer wants, but the opposite is true.

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