Basic network operation strategy and fundamental problemSkill selection and online advertising allia

network is now fundamental to the popularity of

words to be
we can find the fundamental network is composed of one of a relatively independent of the circle of the
according to Lou Zong, each circle can be "privatization" that can be
basic network can exist 100 years? If less than five years is how to do
is also a certain operation ability of
if just bought in there is
can not achieve the purpose of appreciation

5. pay attention to promoting peer

1. focuses on League information

on the Internet is
"circle need building cooperation circle" is a professional team of full-time promotion funds like
"under the Shenzhen manager circle circle to pay 20W held ten party appeal with the popularity of
basic network!

if an advertising alliance inside advertising projects are small ads is not known, so it is more difficult to promote, the advertisers will choose some relatively large or well-known advertising promotion, so from the advertising project and quality can be judged advertising level, if there is no good advertising, registration what is not a good project promotion alliance, there is no need to waste energy.

sees an advertising alliance. Don’t worry about registering your account and applying for an ad project. Look at the advertising League’s "about us", "contact", "League features" and so on, to understand the background and features of the alliance. Observation of the League site PR, domain name registration time, and so on, if it is a new advertising alliance, and relatively small scale, basically no good advertising items, Pass.

basic network known as the third generation of Internet, play concept

"name + liar union" or "alliance name + junk" search in the search, if a lot of negative news, do not do as early as possible. There are many negative news, there is a problem with this alliance, this is common sense. Of course, there are also individual cases, some people made money, refused to let others know, deliberately said the alliance bad words, while malicious slander between peers also exist. Be careful about the authenticity of negative news and the extent of negative news.

2. understands public opinion

communication is very important, IM, or Email, which are commonly used in the group telephone contact, if the union of a contact are not, so in the middle of a problem only dumb, say no. Sometimes this is a manifestation of the advertising alliance’s move to shirk responsibility. If there are group, it is recommended to add to see the situation reflected by others, and then decide whether to promote, there are problems with the union customer service to communicate.

advertising is just the first step in
will also do the electronic commerce circle open shop but also the development of the third party payment
seems to build an Internet empire
indeed, the fundamental network took Wang Ming’s demand for
development prospect

with the rapid growth of Internet users, online advertising also grew rapidly. But for now, Chinese network advertisement alliance industry is very confusing, deduction amount almost become the industry unspoken rule, but such default has occurred frequently, of course, also promote the cheating is nothing new. Do online advertising alliance according to the experience of my years, online advertising and advertising techniques to select items to share, on behalf of my type of plastic my personal point of view, there is a certain one sidedness, but the absolute reference value.

3. focus on communication channels

4. identifies ad quality

seems to have everything under control of the total Zhang Lou
presumably took the foreign investment risk

network advertising alliance is to display the advertising distribution of advertisers to an important intermediary platform for the major member websites. Of course, there is no need for websites to advertise. At present, the more mainstream forms of advertising are: CPM pay by show, CPC pay per click, CPA charge by boot, and CPS by sales.

pay attention to?

but for now, this model has a lot of problems,
1, can not guarantee that each circle is high-quality
2, spread out in major cities nationwide after the palm

Lou, the abacus is like this.
is a newly developed commercial
2 above the floor all sold to the circle of the circle of
desperately for the commercial development of maximum profit is indeed 1 building owners

What does

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