Chinese video website solutions profit knotCyberport Hongkong style nternet entrepreneurship dream

from 1999 to 2000 in Hongkong, there are indeed a large number of Internet related enterprises, some of them more successful listing. "Digital harbor" development is a beautiful picture. However, as part of the successful listing of Internet Co only for stocks, the price earnings ratio is too high speculation, but profitability is not expected, the final Internet bubble burst in early 2000, the Internet share price plummeted. Many Internet Co began layoffs, pay cuts, and some were forced to close down or be bought.

2010, new Cyberport Chief Executive Officer



in 2000, when he was Hongkong’s chief executive Dong Jianhua caprice, vigorously promote the information technology industry, the government without the public bidding, the steel line Gulf land premium quality free and Richard Lee PCRD, intended to develop into high-tech centers like Silicon Valley. So they set up a "digital port" and attract international IT bound big business to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, but with the Internet in 2001 and the whole scheme of blasting deterioration, the government’s wishful thinking has crashed to be broken.

after a long period of time, in addition to sporadic news about the completion of supporting real estate projects, the carrying capacity of the Hongkong Internet dream "digital harbor" seems to be slowly forgotten.

Internet bubble burst, the big group of internet no longer have confidence, whether it is privatization, delisting or technology business transformation, capital is no longer around the Internet entrepreneurs turn. Over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs still can not find the money, has become Hongkong Internet product development knot.

‘s impression of the "Cyberport", which was founded in the early twenty-first Century, has been left to the people of Hongkong. Most of them are the signs of collusion between the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region and real estate hegemony, collusion between officials and businessmen, and the indiscriminate use of public resources.

Hongkong Cyberport is like an illegitimate child, and Born Under A Bad Sign. Before the dotcom bubble of 2000, it carried the Internet dream of Hongkong, trying to copy a Silicon Valley. No one wants to mention the Internet when it comes to bubbles at birth and then in the economic downturn. The Cyberport now wants to re play the role of supporting Internet start-ups. From the big internet dream of a city, to help entrepreneurs realize the small Internet dream, digital port tried to rebuild social confidence in the Internet through this transformation. Huang He Mobilezine Asia industry analyst

digital harbor Internet dream

97 return soon ushered in the Asian financial turmoil, Hongkong property prices plummeted, many Hong Kong people into negative assets, consumer desire downturn, Hongkong and began to enter the long-term deflation period. In 2000, Hongkong’s economy suddenly seemed to be picking up because of the Internet boom".

in YouTube to 1 billion 650 million dollars to sell a good price with shlf1314 convertible at the same time, the domestic video podcast website is still struggling to find profit model.

"piracy" knot

"and before the experiment, after the cooperation, our advertising form is mainly" patch "." PPLive President Yao Xin told reporters that the PPLive plug time period is mainly concentrated in the front and middle of the program.

"our webcast publishers in the traditional content of genuine program, so as to avoid the related problems." Yao Xin says.

"because there is no problem of piracy, and P2P streaming media to complete the outstanding advertising visual effect, the advertising industry will be more and more recognized as > P2P streaming media

entrepreneurs’ Internet dream

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