Shao Jun the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneurAnalysis of the use of SEO CPS do Wangzhuan case

      a long branch next investment plan pryer in people waiting for them to come in a throng, shot again, two people decided to own — the establishment of "de China with investment fund" DT Capital Partners.

      the successful listing of Suntech in Wuxi has created a new generation of China’s richest man; it has also widened the field of venture investment; however, the Suntech model is difficult to replicate. "We are not trying to replicate solar energy, but we want to replicate this foresight." Shao Jun told the first financial daily. But the Suntech investor believes that new energy and energy saving technologies will stretch and become a huge opportunity for future investments.

      "the establishment of Ronco did not want the biggest reward is Suntech." Sitting in a Shanghai restaurant in downtown, Shao Jun said neither fast nor slow.

third step, continue to update and increase the chain. To update the content is very simple, copy a product can come into a web page from the official network of internet. Just one more every day. No, not much, the key is to update every day. The chain, the daily increase of about 2 chains, adhere to half a month.

, stupid results in the network chose the Internet advertising underwear. Why choose this, here to talk about the choice of advertising two important factors, first, sh419 search volume can not be too low, nor too high, between 100-1000 as well. Two commodity prices generally do not choose too low, commission Commission generally high election. Feel underwear in the daily search volume sh419 at about 100-200. Its unit price is about 50, about 200 of your price, commission percentage of 15%., so in a comprehensive way, is very suitable for using SEO for promotion.

A website below

      Suntech listing is a win-win situation, its chairman and chief executive officer became the "richest man", the company has entered the next round of development track; and Goldman a party on behalf of the investors also exited in Losangeles built a house of their own, covered with Suntech solar integral Shao Jun; Ronco also started their own business — the establishment of germany.

second, he made a website and began to feel the underwear, optimize. I feel all the way up in the title and keywords, description of underwear, layout reasonable and repeated in the page. In the above page selected a feel official Web picture insert, and add the results of network advertising links. This website initially built feel underwear.

      the success of the Suntech case is attracting many entrepreneurs to follow Shi Zhengrong’s footsteps. But Shao Jun believes that Suntech’s success is difficult to replicate, because venture capital from investment to return for a period of 3~5 years, continue to pursue solar energy project is not wise. "Not necessarily in the solar field, we do not want to replicate the experience of solar energy, but rather to replicate this forward-looking, mining other fields."."

has invested sjolund, harbour networks and Suntech Wuxi Shao Jun: do entrepreneurs behind entrepreneurs.

      1> was founded in March 2006 to raise funds

The first step of

results: after half a month, I do feel this station keywords to sh419 underwear row second. The first line is the official website, and it is impossible to overtake him. But even for second, first days, there are dozens of IP. Sometimes it is a day, a single, and sometimes three day, a single. The conversion rate is not particularly high. But to my surprise, although there is a small majority, but there are individual from my website in the wholesale, a single turnover is several thousand yuan. Stupid network can get a few hundred dollars from the Commission in a single. >

to stupid had done as an example to explain.

      timing and mentality of both, is the former management personnel Ronco decided to get out of the same reason Ronco, founder of germany.

      Shao Jun is now the founding partner of Germany and capital. In March 2006, with the old partner Tian Lixin co founded with Germany capital. At that time, two people in Shanghai where the industry’s DragonTech ventures are in intense media attention, the investment of private enterprises in Wuxi Suntech landed in New York stock market soon, when its founder Shi Zhengrong was chasing the interview, behind the scenes of the investors are from behind the push to the front of the stage, Shao Jun has become the object of the spotlight chase.

      replication, prospective success model,

in the "stupid network advertising alliance earn the basic principle and operation strategy" in one article, had to introduce CPS to this form of advertising. By "CPS", it means paying by selling. Many webmaster think CPS is paid by effect, very difficult to promote, it is difficult to get income, so this form is not a cold. But as a matter of fact, CPS can earn more money than CPC and CPA if he has mastered the essentials. Even without much traffic, you can make a lot of money. Because CPS sales commission is relatively high, usually in 10%-30%., if there is a visitor from your website to buy 100 yuan of goods, you can get twenty or thirty yuan commission. One day, as long as a single transaction, a month down, there are 600-1000 of revenue. This website can be copied is very strong, you do five similar website promotion of different commodities, it is no problem to earn a month 349. Obviously, the key to making money online is not how much money a station can make, but how strong it is to copy.

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