Observation shows that the love of Shanghai August 22nd update algorithm is very mild


August 22nd love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking the low quality of the site, the news became the day Shanghai dragon circles the headlines. When all the webmaster speculation in this love Shanghai algorithm upgrade efforts as much as in June 28th, there will be a fall in love in Shanghai most of the website upgrade algorithm. But these days I collected data show that this algorithm upgrades love Shanghai upgrade to June have the essential difference, to introduce the difference.

but the webmaster did not like last time anger, because the love of Shanghai took a very mild treatment. How to understand the word gentle? Is the love of Shanghai changed in the past to stationmaster that Yan Ke, the kind of style rather kill the wrong can not pass. In fact, the author of the Shanghai love this kind of practice or in the affirmative, the station included K to zero on the head of the damage is too large, because of the hope of a family you are gone. K Zero site restoration on the left was included left hope. Why the last time there will be a collective love Click Shanghai bidding way, this is the webmaster for an angry love Shanghai. This love of Shanghai has also brought problems to a certain extent, love Shanghai in this respect also made some concessions. For example, open complaints function, such as when the next big update will advance notice. Perhaps this is the love of Shanghai to the webmaster more moderate. Of course, this also can be said to be more open to love Shanghai.

we know that love has always been to sea station start never relent, would rather kill the wrong can not let go. In June the K injured to a large part of the normal station, much greater than the love of Shanghai claims data. I have a few friends to do regular standing, regular blog are no K appeal, certainly was reprimanded too many people, love Shanghai. But according to the observation results show that the intensity is not actually a little better than the two words, I often take attention as an example, a weight loss drug list, one is Shanghai dragon training, weight loss drug list the word home big shake up, leaving only two of the original station. Shanghai dragon training the word home in half blood.


but this is the case, it just let your keywords ranking thousands of miles away, and did not let you encounter a crowning calamity. According to most data show that people just put a key off you. And is not the whole point weight drops, all the words are not ranked. As some brand name or rank, or some popular keywords ranking still, but several main target keywords ranking drop considerably. Especially some hot industry friends have told me this thing, some of the popular word home page has reached half the rate of exchange transfusion. This shows the great influence for keywords is not weak in June.


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