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in the desktop era, traffic less than a certain scale such as daily access 100 thousand IP basically do not want to income model – electricity supplier is an exception of course. But in the mobile era, in fact, tens of thousands of users can go to try to income, the key is to see, this application is not close enough money. I >

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you asked me for money,

, I want to complain to you,


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halo, how do you swear,


"start-up nation" magazine Wen / Wei Wu Yao

who says there is no business model for mobile Internet? That’s because what you do is out of money.

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apologize to me or complain to you,


, I want to complain to you,


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, a marketing industry referred to the two sets of data in his blog post: first, a seller with another Taobao WeChat do graphic push, click rate can reach 4%, after calculation, covering about 1 million of WeChat users to buy, 500 single; second, from a camp tourist class public account, click rate reached 11.5%. Looks like it’s good to use WeChat for marketing.

the idea was to open a Taobao shop, then do a shop, selling Chaozhou specialty, but because they didn’t have time to take home those goods, so just hang a commodity, rock crystal. Later, because Taobao has regulations, the shelves must put 10 kinds of goods, or else closed shop. So the store was sealed off for several days.

of course, in the face of this information, my first instinct is, liar. But because I have nothing to do, so I returned to him, "you give me money, I will do it.". Of course, I tried to find false evidence, but later confirmed that the news was true. It’s just the way a Alibaba salesman works. After listening to what I said, he replied, "rogue

at the end of December, went to Shenzhen with friends talk together to open a shop, selling cartoon U disk, then took some pictures on the Internet propaganda shop. But because we all like the real market, so the website is used for propaganda. However, I have been hanging Taobao wangwang. Up to now, 00 odd guests still have only a few real deal.

Wei Wu Bo: new media observer, lecturer, School of media and design, Shanghai Jiaotong University,

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but in fact, WeChat operators are very disgusted with marketing practices, and frequently intervene. That WeChat is focused on the interpersonal communication of social networking, rather than focusing on the mass communication and broadcasting; there may be some large marketing micro-blog finally let Sina himself struggling to cope, WeChat does not want to repeat it. But this still can not stand the business interest in WeChat: this thing, the amount of users is really amazing.

nonsense, then you didn’t ask me for money,

look at the chats:

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"Hello, I’m Weng Shiming from the Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou." number 18306. Now, Alibaba will develop a batch of small wholesale merchants, Taobao recommended you now join Alibaba, as long as 2300, today’s last working day."

in fact, today want to net business very much, also are concerned about some of the so-called "smart application", micro-blog and WeChat would not talk about, like millions of users in about equivalent grade "street", are often mentioned in the agency proposal to Party A. With the popularity of smart phones, more and more users of mobile Internet, there are more and more businesses eager to use this trend, to improve the efficiency of promotion and reduce promotion costs.

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just got a message from a Alibaba salesman:

in October last year, a good friend took a two diamond Taobao shop, began online shop life. First SHOW my online shop:, welcome to join us.

has a mobile development company to do a banner ad, in form, and the general banner advertising is almost the same, the style is definitely not good-looking. However, the banner can be dialed directly after the user clicks on it – it’s taking full advantage of the phone’s features. The ads sell quite well, roughly CPC cost per call, according to the user’s call charges can be 20 yuan to 50 yuan, the main customer base for the training institutions, said, customers also need to queue scheduling.

above examples tell us that the demand of customers is quite strong. To be honest, today there are a lot of applications that are similar, and what you are arguing about is who gets the money faster: financing or customers. The latter, however, is clearly healthier and more effective. Financing does not necessarily have customers, the financing of customers must catch up.

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