Do Shanghai have to ponder the problem of dragon

love Shanghai advocate the original, also led to the majority of Shanghai dragon trying to make the original, can see the figure, which is.

is the beauty of the site is a major factor in the user experience, but not all, many novice in building a website, often require a variety of aesthetic effect, but they always stand on our own point of view to appreciate the site’s appearance, the aesthetic concept of a blind user, this kind of problem exists the enterprise, under the strong demand of the boss, and a variety of floating window animation effects, in fact, not only let the customer will look disgusted, close the site; aesthetic user is what kind of? First, first consider the user access station to find the answer to solve their problems, rather than to enjoy the site and to therefore, the best site, simple, Jane should not

second: the user experience is the site of beautiful tall


third questions: the original content must be high quality content of

fan! rankings? ?

is rapid, Shanghai dragon is the same, to the enterprise boss, to start a grassroots webmaster, understand the value of the Shanghai dragon, especially in 2016 this period of time, learning Shanghai Longfeng people far higher than in previous years, believe that in the next five years, there will be a wolf little more meat the situation, in Shanghai Longfeng operation should give priority to what the problem? Cen Huiyu as we summed up some problems, I hope you can help.

the first question: the ultimate goal is to operate the Shanghai dragon


: love Shanghai update algorithm, but the only constant is a good service, search users, allowing more users to quickly find what they want the answer, therefore, do Shanghai dragon is not only to rank, but in order to solve user problems and do.

The development of

suggested that the layout of the site with the best tree type layout, users are most concerned about don’t hide, see a lot of small business station, it is to sell the product, customers also need to understand the product, in front of the whole is what company introduction, business license and other products to contact us, actually on the site at the bottom to reflect the user, has been very poor.

update from the soft outside the chain work began, Xiao Bian also thought that the purpose of these operations is to achieve the home page keyword ranking, also had some words to do the home page, and after the customer feedback is: my word is already in the home page, but why not order? I found out now, do not buy the words, users search words, although there are 2 website weight, but the order is less and less, Shanghai dragon just for ranking? No, Shanghai dragon is the ultimate goal of marketing, website existence value is to convert the more economic value, therefore, here, we advise the Shanghai Dragon friend just learning, in the operation of a website, a lot of suggestions on the following two questions: who are your customers? How will your users search keywords

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