How do enrich Shanghai dragon every day

third, the site is no problem, to analyze the traffic and edit feedback back problems, analysis of flow is the main piece of what search keywords, and then the single page optimization according to the keywords, or transfer the weights of the page, so that a single page weight is higher, so the long tail word gradually day in and day out. Come up, but there is one point to keep the weight to the page, and the weight loss.

sixth, check the editing work, look at the key words distribution of editing articles is reasonable.

first check each station rankings and included, then check each station Links in turn, I do this relatively small, their website Links I will check them one by one, and then use the fastest time, probably see their website Links station links, in case the K website, I will spread to.

second began to see a spider, to see if there is no death connection, any time shielded, generally for the new station I suggest that every day I have to look down, slowly can every 35 days or longer to see once, you can also find some auxiliary software, so to save time.

fifth, external links and Links, outside the chain and Links details need not much, you know.

fourth, all finished, he began to write articles for submission of soft, soft flow and the chain to be easier than the manual, so pay special attention to the promotion of soft paper, novice may not initially write soft, can imitate others to write, you can try to mature after watching others write some of their own views and feelings, the last independent to write soft article.

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Shanghai dragon is a very test of patience and execution of the work, more tedious and boring, the key is to find ways to work every day, Shun, such work may be more handy, what is before contact, really engaged in Shanghai dragon industry is not a long time, there is no more experience with you share, I think the Shanghai dragon is mainly to adjust the good state of mind, good attitude adjustment, work is satisfactory, with you about the younger brother Shanghai Longfeng every day, as I hope to help novice to start, also hope to master predecessors given.

morning news basically eight forty to enter the work state, I own six stations, is basically not come, so usually focus on one or two.

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