The sequel love Shanghai latest ranking algorithm


in March 7th, when the Shanghai love picture search, find the emergence of new features, the new function is to upload pictures, search related information". At that time, I was happy. Because of the introduction of Shanghai love this function, can think of a lot of problems. The author then traces his thinking to explore, indeed found love Shanghai not only to strengthen the integration of the "picture" of information, more likely to improve the extraction of text information in the picture.

included the website content, is very important because the content of the article title, now love Shanghai search function on the title strengthened a lot, the author also personally test practice, the recent "title of the article" on this issue also tested two articles, can not be included. During the test, the title of the article appeared several times in the network, the content is original, wait two or three days to find love Shanghai search engine still not included, visible love Shanghai search engine to strengthen the retrieval of the title content.

Shanghai Longfeng

three, to improve the image retrieval function


two, tags labels included strengthening

, love Shanghai for the title search function to strengthen the


I also love to talk about the recent rough Shanghai update some of the views and perspectives, also hope that readers can supplement each other and share ideas, let us make progress together, a total of.

recently we are not difficult to find love Shanghai search engine is updating to meet the needs of users, improve the user experience. Love Shanghai search engine update site keywords ranking more or less affect the overall situation, prompted us to understand and grasp the love of Shanghai search for updates and changes, then love Shanghai search engine which changes recently? The author some time ago also roughly talked about "love Shanghai’s latest ranking algorithm of conjecture". These days there are found, so want to talk about a sequel.

optimization personnel idea, keywords ranking one of the key factors is included in the amount of web content, increase the amount collected web content, not only can improve the keywords ranking, but also dig out more keywords to optimize. So to improve the overall content of the website included quantity is very important, is an indispensable link.

with respect to love Shanghai, tags labels included very slowly. The general CMS system will have a built-in tags tag set function. The tags tag set is generally based on the content of the keywords to develop, can set up several tags tags in an article. In the course of time, the integration of many article on the same keyword articles in the tags tag. The love of Shanghai recently updated, the author also observed love Shanghai for tags tags, found love Shanghai open to tags a lot, a lot of blog tags can easily be included.

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