You have the correct write grass root mentality

don’t take the people first line

to write the article want to hold someone’s "thigh"

some friends could not find good material, or your stomach really ink is not much, writing is like a penalty, a word written, this case is certainly no way to guarantee the quality, but he wasreluctant A5 this fat, yes, how to do? Plagiarism! Some friends will find some other authors, false original, plus some of their own understanding is cast out, this article thought through very stable, but in the end? Or did not pass, some friends will wonder, I copied the article is used by the article, certainly by the editors recognized, that why I write again not? The reason is very simple, the previous article is past experience, if to share now, the value will be lowered, As a simple example, you write a chain of deception, if the reference to the previous article, but the point is that the nofollow tag or the old trick immediately removed after the exchange, help is very small now stationmaster, the natural component, which relates to a prescription of the problem, but also more tangled is that the editor is doing what? Pseudo original things, they don’t know, so I advise you not to have a grass root mentality to create rich handsome appearance, this experience is not something you simply can copy.

yesterday a novice friend add my QQ, I asked to write the article, why always pass, see the webmaster online there are many authors share write articles must close the reader, so the friend is just like chatting with friends, NAG wrote a more than 1000 word article, like the old lady’s bindings, and smelly and long, here have to say is a part of the author to mislead the novice friends of friends, I give you to clarify here, we must write in as far as possible to let the reader understand, read well, so this time we will have a friend to share the mentality, will all the details of the said with a bit more specific, so that you have a general understanding of the whole article, able to operate their own independent after everyone finished, but this does not mean that we Write to me in detail is not equivalent to the complicated route to go close to the people, also want to consider your audience, whether you are willing to listen to you, now is the efficiency of the times

soft writing is everybody has been more concerned about the topic, stationmaster net weekly also several article about this experience, but some webmaster friends always is not, not to write, the article is not readable, in my view, there are many copycat webmaster friends write soft, blindly imitate others the writing mode and routine, not their own understanding, this is the result of the grotesque, finally will be edited to shoot down, and as the now popular network language, some friends write when soft, there will be more or less "grass root psychology".

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