To tell you the Shanghai dragon win over rivals only one case

I have seriously counted Wuhan Shanghai dragon the first ten pages of the blog, the content is the least of my blog, the domain name is the youngest in my blog, the chain (Webmaster Tools display inaccurate) at least is still my blog, why so few content and the chain, domain name age so small Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon blog to have more than 150 in the index of "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" ranking in the second page, and ranked in the first ten pages of the Shanghai love is the home page, in such a competitive situation, why Xiaoming Shanghai Longfeng blog can stand out? The most important reason which is "quality" two words, that is to say Xiao Ming Shanghai dragon blog is in good quality, the quality of the quality of the article and the chain is that I mentioned before writing this blog, every article Chapter is their original handwriting, each chain is carefully released, careful friends may find some of my chain is obtained through reprint, yes, I am Xiao Ming in A5 and home owners and other platforms cast off version after it was reproduced by that article submission audit quality I can still, if there is no good article quality how can I contribute, contribute not successful and how could be reproduced for the chain, which is benign causal relationship.

my blog Shanghai dragon so far has been more than two months time, this statement is because this blog is at the end of 2014 from new year when there are nearly half a month to do, to the ten days of Chinese new year due to the home network problems, so that time never blog maintenance, that is to say the days of blog in less than two months, so Xiao Ming Shanghai Longfeng blog at present may also not particularly outstanding, the total number of articles so far published blog also 30 article in less than forty, but this is the situation, my words into the first five pages the 8, the highest index of "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" success among the second pages, included rate is about 70%, as follows:

love Shanghai recently believe we all understand, the user experience is the site keywords ranking factors more and more important, the content of the website is not necessarily the ranking will be good, on the contrary, less certain web content will be ranked, the website of the chain is also the same reason. So the quality of the website is the key and you can throw off the wonderful talent shows itself a competitor.


could see the title, your first instinct is probably just a title of the party, Shanghai Longfeng optimization which has such a simple thing, only need one can win the competition. No diamond do not embrace porcelain live, why write this article but also with such a seemingly unbelievable title, because I have confidence instead of random nonsense, and I do not take someone else’s website said, because my blog is Xiaoming Shanghai dragon best argument.

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