The new site stage need to do four

3. update frequency, update the content of the website and the frequency of the chain is to be very stable, the decisive role for the website ranking stability.

1. learning search engine, we know the service platform is very important, so it can meet the needs of our site can go further.

website optimization has to do is not just literally to do. To contact reality, contact their customers and products of cultural knowledge, so the child can truly meet the needs of users, we can catch the real user traffic. This article from the www.cxfsdl贵族宝贝 (please indicate the source.

more than 2. submitted to the major search engines, it is time to update the site map

2. learning advantages of your competitors, you know powerful competitors, can we win.

The new stage of the main features of the

then combined with a small part of the new site do you webmaster how to deal with the problem of the new site indifferent stage. (case website Figure)

: inferior ranking effect and included the effect of changes of large floating.

three, "learning"

3. do 301, image compression, dead link, blank page

2. site program is stable, this is the most important thing is to communicate with your boss and communication with network communication, not determined to change things easily. Because the program has a great influence on the website optimization effect.

advantage: ranking speed, included fast (especially the homepage) this period of time, the search engine will make an assessment of your site, once the site do indeed good, the search engine will give you a very good ranking and included.

there are many webmaster will ask how you do that? Is divided into the following three points:


3. excellent learning site, it can make your website more and more perfect, to go beyond the others site.

1. check to hard-working, quantitative timing check website and robots.txt page 404, add to the content to do a bit more.

website has two parts: the advantages and disadvantages of the site early.

, a three "stable"

, two "hard working"

1. is the first to be mentioned is the server should be stable and this is the most basic, so the site before the best selection of a relatively stable server, can choose to choose the domestic home, you will see the selected server for other types of sites are some what site, this is very important.

Summary: ) Knowledge of

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