The ultimate pseudo original teach you to create high quality content sites

: what is the "ultimate pseudo original"

3, one into the view of

two: how to carry out the "ultimate pseudo original"

as the name suggests, "ultimate pseudo original" it’s not really original, but it will be better than the original, more outstanding, so that readers can’t see is processed or modified in the original basis, make it easier for the reader to accept. The "ultimate pseudo original" is not the original, it is not a simple pseudo original, but not to make people hate the plagiarism. On the original, pseudo original, the relationship between the specific meaning of plagiarism and please love Shanghai, here is not enough.

find the article, what kind of content is to be useful? When examining these contents, we should focus on the theme of our deep impression of the place of choice, to its dregs, take the essence, this week, eight is just a thought, can not say the way out the article can contribute through.

in accordance with the above method to integrate the.

2, Qucuqujing

about the search for relevant content, may be associated with the theme of the site, also can be in mind a sudden flash of inspiration, determine the direction, find the way is simple, the most simple way is to search (love Shanghai or any other search engine can be), related to the content of squelch out.

a few days ago a webmaster friends reprint an article "gift website, a" money ", the development prospects of the gift inside site is introduced in detail, on site keywords gifts this definition is very wide, can information, life, shopping, leisure and other aspects, for the gift website, There is much fineness in writing.

1, first look for related content

we know that the love of spiders in Shanghai taste very pick kick, want to let search engines love your website must be ready for the next spider love thing, so in the website content update, our highest goal is the original, but the original cost is too large, in order to escape the station into a network of migrant workers the fate of today will reduce Ba Lai high quality content using the "ultimate pseudo original" creating a web site:

look in the search engine, out of several representative articles, probably browsed for gift to have a clear idea, put some text, wrote a very good original article, then get some investment platform, Ali mother even as the essence of the article.

a qualified webmaster should is very good at "ultimate pseudo original", which is a key factor in the quality of site content, can not do the "ultimate pseudo original" largely determines whether a website can succeed, go farther. The following week, eight of how to create the ultimate pseudo original "have some of their own views, see:

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