The basic corporate website optimization

website update is very important, but also to update the original content, original content of love Shanghai is a spider climb quickly. The original is not on the way to let you think spider is the original love Shanghai. I do the original news website, love Shanghai collected two days, fast and not included the miracle (below website address).

I have done before a site, the first time I was in high spirits, just staring at the site to see every day. I will send the chain to the industry website, hair products, at the beginning of the effect can also be, then I slowly slack, so the site also destroyed. So I understand the site of Shanghai dragon is not a day for two days, it requires us to persevere. Below I will briefly talk about my opinions on the new website optimization.

update site


hello. My name is Li Zhiwei, I am a Shanghai new dragon. Just let a friend help me to do a website, is a Jincun washing machinery enterprise station. I was a sales at the same time I also Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, has been in the study, I hope a lot of guidance.

my first website because the chain is boring, boring the scrap. How to get the chain? This depends on The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong. The main forum posting, text, write a blog quiz, this is not the only one. Have knowledge of literature words written text is actually very good, forum or platform in some high heat, some people will be reproduced in N the chain.


enterprise website is actually very good optimization, attention is paid to persevere. Is not possible for a touch on the site in Shanghai dragon. This article from the original http//s.jcxdjx贵族宝贝, the original is not easy, please keep the author. Thank you.

To summarise:


Links is both simple and hard to say. The new site is not love Shanghai weight and included, there are few sites to exchange links. What the simple? It depends on your relationships, become friends you are OK. If the communication is not strong people? There are ways to find Links exchange website or exchange group is to change to the.

some keywords you think is very important, but others will not search keywords, some good but difficult to optimize. How to choose? I don’t know how to choose someone else, I love Shanghai love Shanghai index and search results, such as: industrial washing machine love Shanghai index 739, but his love of Shanghai has about 3 million of the search results. To find the index and search results the proportion of higher proportion optimization.

In fact,

4 Links


1. is the most basic

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