Represent the general trend development prospect and trend analysis of Shanghai Dragon

: Shanghai dragon is a time-consuming and laborious work, rather than to automate the whole process of the optimization, spend a lot of time and effort, from keyword research, structure optimization, promotion and maintenance…… To consume a large amount of manual time. At present in Shanghai Longfeng development of this piece basically can be divided into two types: personal undertaking, team or company. However not all the pros and cons. The ability of a person is much, although there are individual expert, but most of the Shanghai dragon Er are busy tired, just get some income, compared to the high consumption of life, and not what. If a team or company orders is large, the user’s credibility is higher, the effect will be more obvious. But the disadvantage is that if funding arrangements are not good words are likely to make money is only enough for everyone a drink or a company or team, this inevitably can not long sustain.

is the inevitable result of the development of Shanghai dragon, or just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is the search engine, the wheel is not perfect? In the end, or the user needs changing, a website may just stack a lot of keywords can optimize a few years ago, waiting for Everfount traffic free, but today after how much change? The old model to meet the new requirements, user needs to increase, more perfect more accurate positioning, upgrade the search engine technology revolution, fierce competition greatly small website…… How the Shanghai Longfeng situation, and where the development prospect and trend analysis of Shanghai dragon.

three: about Shanghai dragon service, now Shanghai dragon service company is not personal. However, still can not meet the market demand, the keyword is so much, so the high degree of competition. Who can occupy a large home market initiative has a blockbuster, in fact is very few. Don’t say high and long, the service is not in place whether the home is a problem. Who? After all the ability of individuals and companies can not be endless today to pick you up tomorrow with his live, live, the ranking difficulty again and improve. With the increase of amount of customers, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of service. As for the customer, the people do not understand that only.

The rise of

two: the lack of professional talent, now open by optimizing the business a lot, but many not deceive customers is fooled customers, with only a few days to learn the Shanghai Dragon technology to boldly take the task. Is fearless, in the circle to recruit a large number of tasks in a body, but the final result is falling entire circle atmosphere, causing customers to trust the skeptical Shanghai Longfeng talent. Although there are many training institutions in Shanghai Longfeng each are not identical, but new technology and master technology is undoubtedly far. To train a qualified Shanghai dragon can not master overnight, when he reached the real Shanghai dragon ER, will not work for the business is a problem. While the Internet competition leads to the necessity of an Shanghai Longfeng professional talents, Shanghai dragon Er is too short.

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