Shanghai Er we make dragon vulnerable

is an opportunity to write this article I do a Shanghai Longfeng work friends because of overwork was hospitalized for more than 2 months, I really feel very surprised, but also feel very terrible, because I am also in this industry hunfanchi’s younger brother, I also keep every day at the computer, check ranking, see the love of Shanghai attention, network, the mood is always follow some love Shanghai data at any time. Hey, see friends, I sincerely lamented: Shanghai dragon Er, the original really weak ah, vulnerable. Below, I will tell the inventory, Shanghai dragon Er are how to take care of your body.

2: not a single to be careful

I’m here to emphasize single Shanghai Longfeng workers, because the author is a member of this vast bitter Shanghai dragon in er. In Shanghai dragon industry is indeed very hard, although the nature of the work can be free to "give me a computer, I can mess the whole network" to describe is not excessive, but the network world pick up the money I can’t catch up with the times, more and more difficult now to do network. Do optimization, every day staring at the rankings, the rows of digital ah, can you imagine? Trypophobia is absolutely not easy to see. The rankings, I’m very glad to, next, my mother, depressed ah, eat not sweet. This is not, if "accidentally" up, gave to the customer money, some customers should not give money. This is so I can not help but sigh: the world is big, Bitch much! You said we were easy to do, not every little entertainment, even to coming to the morning and go to bed at two o’clock. Eat is no meal that is short for Shanghai dragon pining away ". I don’t have the stomach is not in high spirit, digestion, the back starts is not quite up, ask, the girl can find you love

1: single Shanghai dragon Er attention

bachelors, wake up, the body is their own, a body to revolution, can marry daughter-in-law, so, in order to find a "she", please take care of yourself.

one of my friend breakups is wonderful, because he do Shanghai dragon in this industry, the most pro is a computer, rather than his girlfriend, in all mixed quarrel again helpless, never yet to. I have no sympathy for my friend, because I have consciousness, giving the woman what to you, you are all dedicated to the computer, or directly omitted, his girlfriend to marry a computer. To make fun of。 Anyway, have a girlfriend, do not ignore the girlfriend’s emotions, maybe that you say that "nothing, you busy you, but do not believe ah, a woman’s mouth and never a level, maybe one day," we break up, we are not suitable for "cruel in that piece of once you feel very sweet mouth spit out. So, for you will not become the team, or quickly and take time, with your girlfriend.



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