The details determine the success thing often neglected in Shanghai Dragon

, the original chain layout, the chain…… When the owners wake up the second, may jump out of their minds with these words. For a web site, this seemingly routine work is very important. However, when we work hard, but often forget to look up the road, missed the bright road of website development. And before I had a similar situation.

in the special period, a large number of Internet users browse constantly browsing sports articles. This kind of manuscript exposure is high, included opportunities, can bring high quality and high number of external links, help site reached a new height in a short period of time.

so, I began to carefully observe the keywords, found that higher ranking is like the NBA finals and the world cup Related words: Argentina coach exposure, 71 points, the Spurs NBA championship bonus. It was June 2014, NBA finals just started, but also the upcoming World Cup, the world’s most popular sport at once intertwined, flourishing situation like this, 4 years only once. Although I was mainly reproduced in the NBA and the world cup of the manuscript, but still did not think they bring the effect is so obvious.

was aware of two events is hot, but I’m not sure that a high degree of attention to the manuscript. At the same time, I have deeply of the keywords included to make analysis, there is no time to do sports trend carefully thinking and judgment, so that to maintain the weight of about half a month later, and return to the previous situation, wasted a golden opportunity.

The construction of

calm down, I began to think about the mystery. When the weight increased to 3 when the keyword index and ranking channel included are also good. When the weight becomes 4, included key words increased 15, and many of these words in the top 10 rankings, up 50 thousand. Think about your recent and not make a special adjustment, so I doubt.

simply work hard but forget to look up the road

1. must comply with the general trend or wave, this hard work than you.

according to the painful lessons of my own, I face the music. If a new similar situation in the future, I should do the following improvement.

Although After

I was responsible for the sports channel, although every flow away, but the channel weights love Shanghai has been, has been maintained at 1. Suddenly one day, I found that the channel weight increased to 3, joy, but also feel puzzled. 4 is not think second days again. Although love Shanghai generally have weight fluctuations, but such a major change, was the first time I met.

Shanghai dragon is a difficult and challenging task, you put a lot of effort, but not necessarily receive effect. Why is this so? In addition to external factors and their own conditions, there are still some day you did not pay attention to the details of the impact caused by.

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