Shanghai dragon takes a lot of resources and make its maximum efficiency

to do the promotion, micro-blog issued a call what others spread about, traffic suddenly came. In fact, their resources are to dig to accumulation and to discover, for example, you can program in a QQ group who have this kind of problems need to be solved, so you eager to help solve the problem, and then let the friend to add a link on your site. I think someone is not going to mean a link, of course, some people will say, I am a novice, no contacts, no technology, no resources, that this situation should be how to do this? You can only go up this road resources.

this number in the enterprise station also seem very scary, in fact, the general keywords also will not use this powerful link. Of course, the link also is just one kind of resources, I have a friend is to do so, the QQ group, it said he hands 2000 QQ group. A group of 200 people according to count, that is 400 thousand people. Use this to make promotion advertising, such as the name itself is advertising, you can also upload content promotion, mail promotion can. Since it did, the website traffic sources before search engines accounted for the bulk, and now is the source of the QQ system.


You can easily

you can spend money to buy some of the health of the old site, now buy a general site of hundreds of yuan of money can do. If you have five websites, you will think about your missing link? Can the use of resources integration, to maximize the effect. For example, you go to Links or Shanghai dragon group chat with other people, others point to the main website called you a link, you give others a link with your resources. And this Links weight than most, because it is one-way links. If a site do 40 Links, you have 5 sites that is 200 links, if your website in exchange for 40 links. Your site is to have a 240 page links.

Shanghai Dragon technology, need thinking, creative resources. Especially at the early stage of a website that the most difficult period of time, resource depends on how much your website ranking speed, this is really important. Do you like the Shanghai dragon a few hands, accumulated a few websites, the hands of the accumulation of a number of blogs, hand has accumulated a number of high-quality forum signature. There are several columns of hands, or you know some people do not know the hair of the chain of hair, or you have a tens of thousands of fans of micro-blog, this is actually excellent resources. These resources are not the most cattle resources, most cattle resources are network resources, if you have a good interpersonal relationship in this circle, you get the link becomes very easy.

you know the website to fast ranking is nothing more than two points, the first is the chain, second is a huge import flow, make the search engine that you are a good website. The resource is in various forms, the key is you can find these resources, and good use of these resources.

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