Lu Guofu what is the love of Shanghai ranked what situation

believe that Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends, remember that big update in May 20th, people are completely sad, what Shanghai Longfeng, what the user experience is what cloud, according to the official explanation is the problem of love Shanghai’s own server, but the data recovery is very fast, by the second day the basic ranking back, remember wrote a love Shanghai update today you hurt anyone, then ranking dropped a lot, there are pictures and the truth.


because he is now doing optimization of medical site, I search a few medical words, please look at the search "makes analgesia stream of people how much money, please see the screenshot:


search "how to treat oral cavity ulcer" of the word, please look at the screenshot:

We look at

map to search the long tail words, love Shanghai’s own products have occupied half of the home position, while the original is not so much now, but now, many of my friends say Shanghai is not smoking. Through these chart I think love Shanghai these days will be updated, after all, this result is not you want to see, we have the site also spell but a love of Shanghai know, as a result of user experience is really so good? There has been reported a fall in love with the sea removed. But the site still exists, do not know what time to love Shanghai to eradicate this situation, the last hope of love Shanghai really good user experience, don’t again hurt our webmaster heart, we are vulnerable. Looking forward to love Shanghai updated again, hope their ranking can go up, please remember the Guofu concern Lu Shanghai Longfeng blog.


We can see through the

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today is Friday (this time on Friday will generally have small updates), and today is no exception, Shanghai is also a love small update (but according to friends said yesterday when the June 1st love Shanghai was updated, many websites are right to be reduced, even by the K, because Dou Zheng’s own site data, so did not feel the love of Shanghai update). But this day Shanghai update the results so I am very sad, I "Wuhan Shanghai dragon" this word falls into second pages (yesterday is still fourth, and has been maintained for nearly a week, is a relatively stable) but let me more surprise is Zhouxiang blog also fall to page second (Wuhan Shanghai dragon friends should know that this site has been home in position for a long time, has been hovering in the first and second, but now the ranking has dropped to the second page, please see the screenshot:

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