Overall consideration about my external links


time is also a factor of

link depth should also pay attention to

link depth usually we will ignore, one aspect is always misunderstood. When we do links, generally do a home page, or the page classification, but few people do two level classification and content the article page, if our site is high quality content, so not only the home page with links to pages, should also have external links, but this is particularly evident in the mall site, when when we saw the same products, will make the URL and send them to friends, for this website, the product is their content, if we usually have high quality content of this website, it will certainly attract not less active users do external links.

is difficult to link high value


this is not absolute, but in general, get links difficult is often the highest value. Here the paid links are excluded, the free links, appear in the text of the link is the highest value, but you need to have a high quality of the site content or link bait can be achieved. In peacetime do link building work, not up on the requirements of webmaster give you a link, often go to the wall, so the time will be longer, but it must have the value of such links. Sometimes, if you must fully understand each other, you will take the initiative on the basis of one-way links to you.

the source of the link is best not to stick to one pattern, whether it is the anchor text, or the location of the link, which is to provide kinds of links to web sites, even is the web page of the PR value, the best are mixed collocation, some owners love what are the pursuit of quality, but it will seem not natural. Another important point is the IP address should not the same, even the same segment of the IP, can not do a lot of external links.


external links is the webmaster daily talking about key, whether access to external links, external links or the contrast effect, can cause the webmaster of interest. I stood there for a long time for a long time, so the external links also have their own views, and everyone today from the overall share of external links and some considerations.

content grasp mainly includes two aspects of meaning, is a good content, good foundation, as long as the content of the website is the fundamental content is not complete, do not do promotion, nor do Shanghai Longfeng, since it would be a waste of our limited energy. Although only rely on can get good rankings links without content, but not long-term stickiness. Good content can bring a strong link to link, but cannot bring content; second you mentioned another website, this article is the best and your theme is relevant is not the website promotion article, always appear basketball links.

the best content

link to the natural source of

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