Love the experience of Shanghai removal of reference Taobao customers to promote in a cocoon around

1, said softly, love is the focus of my experience in Shanghai before the drainage channel, now can not pass that way again for drainage, good use of marketing experience love Shanghai friends, can no longer use the way, this is not a small loss.

actually, if it is good, but also some, at least, your competitors can no longer operate this channel by Taobao customers, at the same time, if not a lot of Wangzhuan workers support, only rely on the meager love experience of Shanghai official issued the author’s salary is not absolutely support Shanghai experience so much love the platform of press frequency, so the love experience of Shanghai in the future, when his existing knowledge base can not follow the changes of the times, the user found when the contents of the database are obsolete, the weight of love experience in Shanghai will also decline, so that the competition nature is reduced.

get right to the point, after the increase of ideas difficulty of money off Taobao through the Shanghai love experience, has become chicken ribs can be considered to give up.

here, I whispered about, in the future, Taobao U station, may have a similar situation, Jiaotu death, dogs cooking; the birds do, the good bow, when the content is rich enough, will give you a free advertising platform? In a low voice to guess, Shanghai will experience love don’t hang on

love Shanghai experience of

as shown below, love the experience of Shanghai bottom, in the text below, above relevant experience, originally, there should be a reference position, but now, this position has been replaced by some cliches:

.In fact, the disadvantage of !


love the experience of Shanghai with high weight love in Shanghai, always in a good position in the search engine rankings, in the past 2013, a very good way, love Shanghai experience is also off the operation of Taobao but, until the date of this press release and the reference data in left link mode dead.

any changes, there are good and bad, this is no exception, regardless of the love experience of Shanghai xiemoshalv, but it has been done after the:

caused by this change

2, love at the bottom of the Shanghai experience link is deleted, but the text does not delete the original ranking, in other words, very good source of traffic in the search engine, at the moment of enemies, can help you from the drainage to hijack your traffic, although the article is still ranked, but not your ad then, these experiences have become competitors to grab traffic, more sad, exasperating is that these experiences, or your hand to create

Effect of

is self-evident, if we can not change the advantages of good use of it, the rest is a disadvantage, and its disadvantages, can be divided into two main:


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