Open space slowly talk about the site stability in Shanghai to promote the site click from love

if a site space always break it, like we should read in one go play suddenly because of power failure or interruption of the stage like that kind of feeling, no users will love. Users love very stable landing speed site in this fast-paced social environment, if rely on a spend a lot of time is not necessarily have the stability to ensure open web site, it is not wise.


you might say, since afford for advertising, will spend to buy a good space, in fact, a lot of love in Shanghai ever click on promotion website, ten half open slowly, then turn off the page directly, directly give up. But who can guarantee that he will not be "paralyzed"

if a site space is not stable, almost impossible to let users visit two. This is not to say that the quality of the website is not good enough, not all of the content on the web is not only suitable for the user, it is a waste of time. ". And want to let users love and stick on their website, we must first do stability space. I think this is inevitable: because in the user search process, you are not the only one to provide information on the same content to rely on talent shows itself.

is full of confidence in their products, they have sex in Shanghai for promotion!" Robin Li positioning, for his love of Shanghai bidding product is really love Shanghai for advertising, can be effective in the short term, and Shanghai dragon optimization, love Shanghai bidding can can go to love Shanghai home first, do not use search engine optimization, of course, because the number of reasons for rival bid, if a keyword is also a few enterprises do the bidding, bid high in the first row. Love Shanghai is bidding enterprises for their own product confidence, however, in the auction advertisement at the same time, do not ignore an important question, "the product is too hot, causing the site to crash, and lost a lot of order

on a website stationmaster, what is the purpose of the site? Why the user access to the site? Or the included rankings or weight of care? Which is more important? But no matter how stable space is the webmaster concern the a. If the website is a precision electronic instrument, then the space is stable or not is accurate, whether this instrument is functioning well. For the success of the site, only the spatial stability is the foundation of everything.

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for example, it is difficult for online shopping in the train ticket, a ticket is hard on the eve of the Spring Festival, the only designated a train ticket online shopping site, has been in a state of paralysis, and the site because of the space crunch, suddenly increased traffic, resulting in paralysis of the page repeatedly occurred in foreign countries, so that as a webmaster, I don’t know how to develop their own website in the future, however, choose a stable space is very necessary.

stable space plays an important role to improve the user viscosity.

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