Love Shanghai creative writing skills on Bidding

the above sentence as tongue twisters, creative people have attracted to brighten the advertisement. But, do you think your advertising slogan is what will brighten? Obviously not, for the most simple example, the core keyword of our forum as an example, the love of Shanghai "website operation input" – of course we did not do the bidding operators forum, but you can see the other running the website operation as a keyword advertising. Right here for the promotion of interception style, because I left not shown here for promotion advertising.

} most cattle website operation team, {} years of experience of website operation, so you can choose the best.

} {for web site operators website operation the most professional team – XX

a lot of people have written for creative brains. In fact, your key creative attract your creativity is not really attractive, but it depends on you to show how attractive.

Now we want to come back to the }{

, our own creative writing, we think very well, the visitor that actually influence so great as we thought, and is the largest factor to attract netizens you keyword recording. Instead of the sentence is unique, unique role statement is far better than red to eye appeal. According to this technique, we found the title two times on the Internet before stronger attraction. The combination of this technique as a design style:

in this idea, the success of Web site operators {} keywords Piaohong four times, at the same time show the case, other conditions are almost, four red on the Internet users significantly enhanced the attractiveness of (official does not encourage us to creative too much red, because if the overall gains across the board, Internet users the eye will lose focus, will be written into the creative recording over keywords stacking direction).

forum, please keep the link

This paper starts from the bbs.yunyingzhe贵族宝贝 {

three creative, but from the perspective of language skills, we are more inclined to one and three, an example of the research in the past, we found that if there is a creative, can two rosy in the title, also many prominent.

although on the surface, the following ideas are black text if it did not show any highlights of the discourse, this is to let a lot of creative writing skills of the industry crazy. But in the actual operation, indeed found gains across the board, will increase the click rate.


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