The negative impact of vigilance on the website of the garbage chain

like all the webmaster friends, every day I pay attention to change the web site in the search engine. Each time the algorithm changes, leads to many webmaster exclaimed, and the right to be reduced; and the hair is pulled out; and a website to lose the meaning of life. As a result, more often we always blame the search engine search algorithm Its loopholes appeared one after another. unfair. Few people have in-depth analysis of the real cause of this result is what. In fact, the search engine on any website will not bear the responsibility, he changed the algorithm, improve the search mechanism completely is a necessary process of self development, and we can only adapt and change, there is no law.

when we are on the wrong way to, perhaps the tragedy is just the opening. Only a short while ago, the crazy number included the pursuit, let us try to increase the content of the website, the original is too time-consuming, so all kinds of pseudo original tools become uneven. Crazy on the site outside the chain of pursuit, let us try to publish links, quality resources are too scarce, so all kinds of mass and black chain link, the sale can be heard without end. Which website operation experience of a friend, who dare to say absolutely not touched? For there will be fruit, and my tragedy staged this.

will introduce our company website, the website launched in 2007, is a leading provider of website construction service network company in Dongguan. This site since the date on the line, it has been our main business website construction site. At that time, we spent nearly half a year’s time, will be the site in all the search engines at least ten keyword ranking home page, has been ranked the local peer site first and second position in the noble baby, is currently. In March 15th this year after Shanghai love update, search company name should not find website. The line on the website a few years, this situation has never occurred. We have done a lot of website, the company website we have been insisting to operate according to the website search engine optimization method proposed, can guarantee the site of all 100% original content, quality and strictly control the number of outbound links, never use any mass, brush list tool. These sites cannot be down the right reason, or that sentence, there is, website is sure to trigger some algorithm mechanism, led by "ban", and the work I have to do is to find out the reason.

this is a reflection of the late, when I loved Shanghai company website right down, I was busy looking for a reason. Late summary may not what a big role, but better than to continue significant confusion. If you don’t know that not all of the chain has a positive significance to the website; not clear how much negative effects may cause waste of the chain on the site; there was such a site in the dark in a nice hobble means to understand not. So, please continue to read this article.

when I investigation site structure, content, chain, domain name server, and many other factors, have turned to outside interference on site. I always have such a view: a >


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