Website optimization Shanghai dragon to do and which is more important

at the same time, to optimize the basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng summed up by a lot of practice, can effectively be absorbed by the owners themselves, but these practices can also let Shanghai Longfeng optimization work personnel Practice makes perfect. effect, and can optimize in the long-term practice, find love Shanghai algorithm change trend, it will enhance the optimization of staff the adaptability is also very important, and grasp the love of Shanghai search engine algorithm trend, will effectively enhance the stability of the website rankings, not with the algorithm changes and let their optimized website ranking is precarious.

Through the practice of

how can let oneself in the optimization practice learn more knowledge and more absorption optimization? One is observed, another is to have enough strong execution, observation of nature is to see through the essence through the phenomenon, this is to learn and absorb the Shanghai dragon optimization knowledge, and the key to it the advantages.

can effectively accelerate the upgrading of optimization of knowledge


optimization should pay attention to observe and execute

website optimization need to go through two stages, that is to optimize before the stage, also is the learning stage, another stage is the beginning of the practice phase, then the two stage which is more important. Generally speaking, many people will think of the stage is more important, just like the troops in war, army did not move forage first, or is that if there is no correct cutting knife, optimization theory of Shanghai Longfeng certain, in a hurry to engage in Shanghai Longfeng optimization practice, then the result will be miserable, it would be easy to enter the Shanghai dragon and the trap, will waste their work a lot of optimization.

so Shanghai dragon optimization work really is to be more important? The author thinks that it is not a positive answer, if the optimization personnel to seriously understand the optimization guide to love for Shanghai, actually can according to this optimization guide to do the practice, through their own doing, to determine their optimal the direction and the correct way of thinking, if you spend a lot of time but see the tutorial, go to the lecture, so the final result is to make the optimization of the staff idea becomes extremely chaotic, can not find the optimization in the right direction, hesitating, and in your shilly-shally, your competitors already left you get rid of a few blocks, you still can’t spare no effort to catch up again.

through a lot of practice work, to guide and optimize their own work and love in Shanghai were analyzed, and the analysis of love for Shanghai case, and the case is introduced to optimize the practice, you will find what the original article is more able to optimize the role of the chain what in order to enhance the weight of the website, the website of basic skills through understanding in practice, if only rely on some theoretical knowledge, and not to practice, it is a very simple operation in practice, because the theory to explain the cumbersome and let the webmaster to come to a standstill, not be able to understand the nature of basic matters need optimization note.

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