Use of external page hits increase keyword ranking


content of high quality, strong relationship chain

external web hits and website weight and keywords ranking are inextricably linked, this external page hits said that hits the external links, it has a close relationship with the links page weight. So the website optimization after the true chain is the most important factor in the weights of the website, but in the long term, the amount of IP of each page by search engine or external links to click on the form, namely the external page hits final decision is the core factor of "weight.

soft link has been one of the promotion website keywords very good way. Here to tell you is that can chew the truth, an article is best not to have too many links, one is enough. So some users browse through the post.

through the visitor data analysis website traffic statistics, the first page visitors visit your site, along the inside page the first page visit, as well as the time in a page charges, and the return rate of the higher page page weight will increase when the keyword search, you can search to many pages of the web site, but the high weight of the page will be the first; in the same way, your website and your peers website keyword ranking, a large part from the factors deciding.


so long as the increase of "external hits can improve the page weight and keywords to a great extent ranking, so how to increase the external page hits

Links: Links generally appears at the bottom of the page, the link text is generally your keywords, unless we do Internet friends will see web link below, ordinary Internet users they see mostly just the web information, attractive title, not from the Links to click to enter so think through Links click bring traffic is not too realistic. But it is through the search engine to bring you traffic, very conducive to search engine, improve website weight and keywords ranking.


good use of text links and Links

do you know Links can increase your station is the weight and ranking, Links are very conducive to the search engines crawl, especially for Chinese optimization friends love Shanghai. So how to play the role of Links

compared to Links, this paper add people to attract suitable text links to enhance traffic has obvious effect, obvious effect than Links many.

text links: you would naturally appear in the position of the first screen click is high, according to the habit of Internet users, first introduced in front of the text of the first screen to attract the eye, they are curious, desire to look into the points. So we can bring high quality flow through the link, you must also note text.


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