The user experience under the era of Shanghai dragon team members how to reposition

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we have made it clear that the user experience should follow the principles, then outside the station? How to embody the principle of the supremacy of the user experience optimization outside the station? The answer is very simple, that is to promote the needs of users. In the past the idea we released the chain is often followed by high weight and large quantity principle, and now if we can release some of the chain to meet the needs of users that is better. So what the chain meets the needs of users? Soft Wen is a very clear example. A good quality of soft Wen is a very well with the chain extension of user demand, compared with the traditional blog, BBS signature message, the efficiency has been greatly improved. This chain of the Commissioner in Shanghai Longfeng team in user experience oriented era, how to meet the needs of users of the release of the chain should be included in one of the indicators we released the chain of.

user experience very early on the launch of the search engine, but most of the Shanghai dragon er not to implement a comprehensive, many people still stay in Shanghai and Shanghai to Phoenix phoenix. The consequence of this is that a poor user experience and rank is not stable. From this year, love Shanghai several times update algorithm we can see the importance of user experience. The user experience of the times has come, as members of the Shanghai dragon team, how to better implement the user friendly experience, the author will simply define each member in the team Shanghai dragon job location.

Two: the chain Commissioner


staff is one of the important role in the whole Shanghai dragon team, we can be found to also have certain writing ability in most of the Shanghai dragon positions for job seekers to the most basic requirement. With the advent of the era of user experience, as the editor of the website based on the user with more content editing, to cater to the demand for editing the principle of visitors. In the past a lot of Shanghai Longfeng team of editors often is to cater to the search engine, the combination of simple processing of the article, and as a user oriented editor, we don’t need to let us do the contents of every original content, but requires careful editing, can make the organic integration from different places information has become a real valuable articles like nature itself.

The concept of

three: program technician

: a website editor

The optimization work for the site within the

for duty in Shanghai dragon play a web programmer is as long as do the site function debugging, make the site more friendly to search engines can. But in the era of user experience programmers need to be repositioned, for the website design should not only normal, search engine friendly, more need to design more in line with the structure of the website user experience, ask the site structure to guide more powerful, allowing users to browse up more convenient. In addition to the website loading speed can not be ignored, because the speed of the site also affect the user experience.

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