To enhance the conversion rate by precision products business marketing strategy education

two, to facilitate traffic>

2. for network promotion: in the network promotion, we have not taken with mass strategy, we believe that this approach seems not to choose efficient, but in the rate of return are often difficult to achieve high efficiency. Note, focus on our attention is the strategy, so we focus on screening before the promotion of compliance with some target customer groups forum, such as the needs of the parents more Forum on education, and then keep account of the way gradually in the forum based, with a general membership form progressive recommended marketing, increase the high quality customer promotion efforts, this approach seems slow, but very high conversion rate.

1. web site keywords Optimization: good keyword optimization (Shanghai dragon) is a website development process should always attach importance to the key work, for the core keywords and long tail keywords should pay attention to the use of them. On the one hand, good keyword optimization product name, promotion in the future will certainly be the product name and product name in the search started, potential customers can quickly find our website; on the other hand, the optimization of well popular keywords in the area of products, especially the long tail keywords effect is very big, good layout and optimization long term, they will gradually attract the accurate flow of power.

, how to obtain the accurate flow

in the specific operation, the pursuit of precision flow, improve the quality of website visitors, and web design from the inside of all great efforts, efforts to carefully design, after the customer flow potential attracted, let them through this site have the desire to buy, and to facilitate sales reached.

3. users have prize promotion marketing: the importance of mining and transformation of existing user value is another important strategy, through formulating the rules for existing users award rebate promotion marketing to potential customers around the use of word-of-mouth marketing this relationship network type bring more customers, can play to existing customers the value of can rapid product branding and sales reached through their networks, by giving the attractive rebate incentive to join our customer promotion plan, make our sales growth continuously superimposed.

we all know that high traffic site means a bonanza, can put the flow into many kinds of money, only you have traffic, but not everyone can do it, but not all sites are the pursuit of this point. For we have the operation of educational products project is so, because our audience is the potential buyers are specific groups, so we do not pursue the high flow to make the flow of money, but to do fine, do not ask for traffic flow is particularly high, precise and effective, so it is easier to to purchase, to obtain a high conversion rate.

High conversion of

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