A self taught Shanghai dragon nearly a year rookie

learning chance, at a friend’s introduction, I try holding the attitude, start learning website optimization. What is the Shanghai dragon? I absolutely ignorant of. First, a friend gave me a 120 medical personnel network stations in Xi’an that I maintain, I use the time off work, begin to learn about web site optimization, I am a layman, didn’t know, just add a site Mechanical content, copy some articles, some almost cannot read the site optimization article, that the website added full, have the effect of some content will be updated every day, the result is not as imagined. Contact with the increasingly long time, every day I log on as much as possible see you A5 webmaster teacher released new experience, progress quickly, will take the initiative to search some knowledge that I don’t know, know the Shanghai dragon means the search engine optimization, is a very popular network marketing mode of Shanghai the dragon is interested in, and then began to do Links, in the forum post, increase the chain site, not because of his patience enough, methods, encountered many do not understand the worry too simple to be laughed at can not take the initiative to ask, finally the site isn’t the desired effect, resulting in the loss of information, now in retrospect mainly or when your patience enough, lose confidence, do not know to ask, always think you can not, can not do, began to worry confused. I stand in a position of Shanghai Longfeng beginners may face trouble rookie circles today, the author hope to help beginners.


trouble: do not know what is the core of Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is a The


contact site optimization have a few months time, found myself don’t know exactly what to do, always stay in place, blindly update the website articles, these articles are simply copied to other sites, a slightly modified, then is Links, but change the link is there is a sense of accomplishment, because I know that to change the link to the website of the PR value, the weight of the website, the website keywords ranking, included in the site, will use web tools to judge a website, from the beginning of a link is not a slowly increase, add links the group is also more simple, know how to judge a station not suitable for link. Then a friend tell me how to get to the forum post, add their own maintenance site, how to use blog the chain. Arguably, each step is very clear, and how many have read some articles in Shanghai dragon, as long as careful efforts step by step through it, but the specific operation, problems, the article is still a simple modification of the forum to visit a few began to feel boring, blog is not know what to write, send what leads to the final, just change the link, the other lazy hands, sitting next to the computer, do not know where to start, what to do. The original natural sites and not much change.

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