Guess the truth behind the frequent updates of Google pr

Google update the PR value of a week, Google’s Panda algorithm has been upgraded. As a Google Panda algorithm for low quality content in the "content farms (i.e. spam, content acquisition)" the algorithm of adjustment, Google has been in the range English station put into use. Just imagine.

Google PR value in the last month of continuous updated 3 times, compared with the previous year, 4 times the PR value of the update 3, Google this time to play big, quite unusual. The first time was in June 27th, after July 18th, to August 4th last week, the shorter the time interval and update. Google updates the PR value so frequently inevitably provoked the Internet industry wide discussion and speculation, the author is a learning website optimization Shanghai Longfeng near rookie, but also dare to put forward several views and guess their.

but I still feel more than worry, if the Twitter home page PR value drop 0 because Twitter their play too far by then, Google’s own first page of the PR value is reduced from 10 to 9 and how to explain? Suppose Google also changed some of the internal code website, which leads to reduced the pr value. But is it possible? If Google wants to play the big test, can use other domain names to play, with his own home page? So, I guess, the Twitter and Google their first page of the PR value of the update change is possible because Google algorithm change. Even if this is not the main reason, at least one factor.

you know, here was noble baby + launch, in addition to Google and Twitter cooperation expired, not through the API grab the data directly. At this time the Twitter PR value plummeted to 0, most users will think Google is a problem, rather than Twitter causes. But in fact, Twitter is the first page of the PR value is actually down 0 because Twitter frequently modify their tobots.txt files and Http information caused by Header. Google also don’t want to carry a "river bridges" blame, then again in July 18th to adjust the PR value, repair the small negligence before updating the legacy of. The Zac God of Shanghai Longfeng daily post is also described.

guess: Google algorithm adjusted


In fact, in June 27th before the

first I thought is Google’s own adjustment algorithm. If June 27th the PR value of the update is a normal update, then the update may be out of adjustment or other reason for some mistakes. Because Google in the PR value update, even to their home page PR value from 10 to 9. More surprising is that the Twitter page of the PR value should be reduced to 0.


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