Foreign trade website optimization that something


: good Sitelinks optimization finally. There are customers to your site, then you can’t let him go home empty handed.

: second construction optimization of foreign trade website is also very important. Foreign trade station most customers or from abroad, so the construction of the style of the website in May with some domestic sites are different, as a web site optimization, you can set your goals and not let go in a position, according to the different customer experience do the website style different, what the customer wants you give him what, on the front page of the site construction must be attractive, website templates should be simple, not too fancy, the navigation station to station link to optimize obviously. Like a sell bags of foreign trade station, it is the most important thing is to show the bag style in the home page, package quality description, instead of text with pictures, so more convincing, pages within the website construction is very important, for each product introduction is very delicate, people can not see the real you will describe, let others feel that they are watching the same things, so that we can seize the hearts of customers.

due to the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become an indispensable part of the public friends, the domestic market is very good, will want to be engaged in foreign markets, since after the economic crisis, foreign trade marketing station is more and more difficult to do, that for a foreign trade company, how to optimize foreign trade station

again: Xiao Bian personally feel that foreign trade site to the list, not search engines crawl. Why is that, there is a website which is ranked in the first place, PR is very high, also included is very high, but from the site to now have list of such things in the foreign trade station the probability is great, why is this happening? To sum up the most important is that the website products are not suitable for foreign consumption, to know the views of others and the outside is the same, the outside think good things, others do not necessarily love, you need the product to meet the user’s search engine for love, but the customer is not love it is not. So foreign trade station or good user experience will impress clients with your products, you can in the list of users is your customers, otherwise all rankings are clouds of knowledge.

: the first is actually a foreign trade station, domain name, space is all you need to consider, the domain name is the best simple, it is best to the website keywords on a relationship, also want to pay attention to your website user experience, foreign users, it is best to use English, so more easy to remember. The choice of space to take into account the speed problem of the concept of time abroad is very strong, they are not willing to spend time waiting for you to open the web site. The space station is best to use the foreign trade, not for the record, ixwebhosting can try, there is Chinese official station (贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝), free domain registration, independent IP, the speed is, there is not much to say.

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