Analysis on the website home page ranking pages without reason


for this problem is the way I answer to a friend, first you have to understand that the search engines within your site page is not permanent, that is a snapshot is only temporary, it will be in a period of time according to the site situation gradually removed or included, if our website the web page rank no, do not complain about the love of Shanghai "irregular menstruation", in the long run, there is such a problem, we must first find the problem on its website:

how to do?

sum up, these are partly due to website page rank no reason, normally a website should be the first page ranking, then page drive home page ranking, if the website structure is not reasonable, can cause no page ranking, but it can be used to make up for the optimization of the inside pages. The most important thing is to build the chain, make your site to form a "network", between them may be a variety of links, but is always around the home, which can form a good page in circulation, so as to promote the website home page and the inside pages of the rankings. Source: Henan network 贵族宝贝yuduxx贵族宝贝/, for reprint please indicate the source, thank you


3 pages, with separate keywords, description tags: according to different pages, their title, keywords, description tags should be different, and some people ignore this, a lot of pages without keyword, description tag or the same as the front page, but also lead to the site pages without ranking factors one of the.

2, made in the construction of the chain: the chain is the important link between the links in each page, the chain can form a "network", can make the spider down this "net" you, climb over the entire page of the site, improve the site included and weight.

4 of the website, whether there is a drop right: if the site uses cheating or excessive optimization, will cause the site to drop right, can also lead to the inside pages without ranking.

1, whether the excessive page optimization: a lot of people optimizing a website only for web page layout, keyword density, originality and so do the all-round consideration, and ignore the inside pages, is the result of the site pages in the rankings.

a friend asked me such a question today, said that he had a website for a long time, but has been the only home page ranking is very good, but not in the page ranking, regardless of what is the search keywords, search out of their own home page ranking. We all know that a perfect website could not only rely on home page ranking, most of the flow from the inside pages, so no page ranking must exist some problems, so the website page rank no

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