Analysis of website snapshot pages and no four reasons included


for some reason to redesign the words on the site, nature will do some related settings. And if the site in the near future revision and appear on the website without snapshot, content has included words, natural big reason appeared in because.

website snapshot is the webmaster has been one of factors to determine whether a site search engine friendly, but once the website snapshot didn’t the consequence is that web site was K off or home page has errors lead to search engine cannot crawl the page, of course, sometimes home when there is a problem and do not represent the inside pages also exist problems, as the author of the website no, the snapshot of the home page, but the page is normal included, and included the pace. What is the reason that the site did not appear in the snapshot page but still be included? Today the author to analyze the reasons for this situation.

home page appears to be let spiders crawl error

snapshot of the website,

Two, setting errorWhen the

website page normal was collected, and no home page snapshot, Adsense first need to check your ROBOTS file is set correctly. Also check for the presence of shielding spiders to crawl home page source code in the code. Generally speaking, if it is a new station on the line was collected in the home page can not be included, the first step is to check the site in the ROBOTS file settings, must ensure that the ROBOTS file has no shield home page was not spiders crawl, then check the web page source code, note that the page source code, there is no head NOFOLLOW types of characters. If the two are no problem, then this is perhaps the reason why other sites, so the analysis of web page without snapshot and have included the inside pages of the most fundamental way is to check the ROBOTS file settings.

website recently revised

if the home page can be accessed, but not by the search engine included words. How to make a home page to check whether there is error code, generally speaking, if the page does not appear fatal mistake can be visited, such as in the first of several DIV tag or a line of code without a label like, this case will not affect the access, it will affect to the spider crawling home page. So, when the home page on your site without snapshot, and still be included when the content, we need to check the home page source code. Usually the method of the examination is to access the site through different browsers, and in the browser tools -IE options high bar open display friendly HTML error, so the browser will help you check whether the page is wrong, if there is an error, then the browser will pop a small window. And we need to modify the line according to the prompt.

Three, renderings of the inside pages still be included


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