Shanghai dragon is not CEO please hold rational Shanghai Dragon Kin

A few days ago in

here, but will not lead the original hong. Optional elements of the comment part: how to understand the Shanghai dragon, can be said that each one according to his lights. Shu Hong think can from the following aspects to explain;

1. case. Shanghai dragon itself is a technology. Everyone with a common heart to treat, you can understand. From this point of view, Shanghai dragon and society on the other of every hue jobs and without what too big difference, in fact there is no need to be Shanghai dragon and the other 360 line separated, the mindset is not quite normal. Are you here to Shanghai a little dragon is actually with special respect the meaning of social economy from the contradiction of supply and demand to consider. Has not yet formed a situation of oversupply, and the position of the society or low rate. For example, the last century the early 80s had a film "the female dormitory", describes some differences in the age group of female college students’ life. At that time, the public opinion of college students is the general appellation of "emperor son", you see, now who would dare to use this word?! is the Peking University, Fudan students have no guts to self styled "Tianjiao ‘? Don’t hesitate to say, the current college students’ employment, this is a science trouble for the government. Where there is what the mood to students as the prince and princess? Or is your mind. From this point of view, now part of Shanghai dragon Er might also feel good to themselves as Shanghai Longfeng consultant, in a few years, at best is a worker. The Shanghai dragon. So want consultant addiction, please hurry up. Especially those who want to happen with this girl emotional twists, the concept of sight can also make a story to tell.

A5’s area, saw an article "Shanghai dragon only successful tool from the CEO transition to Shanghai dragon", the content mainly involves in today’s domestic situation and Shanghai dragon man inside Shanghai dragon in the field of positioning, the author seems to have some naive, in the expression inside a a little taste of Utopian socialism.

2. Shanghai dragon and although CEO a letter only, in fact, the connotation of it is a world of difference, do not think that the Shanghai dragon is a close relative of CEO, as long as you dare to think, turn a corner is CEO, there is no necessary connection between the two. Between the absolute

is not a progressive relationship between Shanghai Longfeng assistant engineers and engineers, logic is illogical, can grow into the CEO pathway and post and become thousands on thousands of from the other direction, the number of CEO completely can drown so few possible +ceo. from Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon over the wall in the past into CEO even there is no ready-made pattern. It is from the Shanghai dragon successful growth of white collar has some good cases can be used to share. As long as you are not too high expectations, feed themselves should not be a problem.

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