Stand in the angle of sociology to experience Shanghai Longfeng optimization work points

first, to learn from the life of the analysis on the web user experience analogy. We spent every day in the busy work, many webmaster and I like here, many of us are fixed on the fixed work schedule, work time, so we above class for example, many people will choose to take the bus to go to work, especially in the morning the overcrowded bus, we also have to work for a living, after the car too many people, a small space so that their loss, this time will be a lot of people choose to take a taxi to go to work or rub, even a lot of friends to open his own car to work, these different modes of transport is obviously different in different quality of the bus, the bus tools get experience, optimize and as a webmaster every day in the pseudo original or doing some menial work to the site, or go to writing Some articles to update the article, then, the contrast between the search engine and users the better, if you really very hard we can properly mixed map and text processing, graphic details, for the site URL and layout in optimization of some of the details of this experience so is not better. So, sometimes life is very simple, in the life of the truth on the optimization of the site, it will make us.

we know that a lot of time with similar degree of truth is amazing, we observe the life, observation of people around me and a lot of things when compared to their work, we can find that a lot of problems in the work are from real life, so that life gives us a lot of inspiration, but also on the inspiration our brains to go to realize, today I will share with you all, in life we can realize the optimization of.

second, website optimization and promotion through external connections bring enlightenment. Shanghai dragon since the beginning and the chain are inextricably linked, the development of the construction site outside the chain, but also through the layers of screening, the low quality of the chain will soon be eliminated by the search engine. I think the chain construction is construction of our relationships, we are at work, especially after the new employee’s performance, many times boss is not very clear, so, how can you spend your probation? Well, your work colleagues saw this in mind, when when the probation period, if everyone thinks you’re doing well, so this time, your odds of being hired is bigger, this time if your supervisor stand out personally to boss to recommend you, then congratulations, you will be hired. Through this case, we look at the transfer to the construction of the chain search engine optimization. So is the search engine, how is it that your site is very good? In addition to the station after the improvement, the role of the chain is very important, you may have every day for the web site chain construction, have the effect may effect is not very high, if you are in the process of building the platform of choice is very high >

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