Shanghai Longfeng easy to ignore in the details of the 404 page

A very important link in

beautifully crafted in demand is not high, the following simple 404 page 3 well-known Shanghai dragon website.

Zhongguancun online 404 error page

Chinaz 404 error page

why Shanghai dragon 404 error page


1, and with the guidance of exquisite 404 page

A5 404 error page

in addition, we look at 404 pages in some well-known Web site:


B, A5 do the best and most complete guide to internal links, basically introduces all the business website, the Shanghai dragon professional level.

A, Zhongguancun online to do very simple, the way to do a 301 redirect to jump 5 seconds.

A, Shanghai dragon why hold has always been low-key and simple, but does not lose the atmosphere.

The 404 page

The 404 page

is in Shanghai Longfeng grasp of the details, if we can as far as possible in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai dragon in detail to the operation, then the Shanghai dragon do it is absolutely no problem, and will take a lot less detours. Recently feeling is in the details they encounter many problems in Shanghai Longfeng, for example the requirements of our keyword density of any Shanghai dragon tutorial is 2%-8%, but we had the psychological luck, you increase the number of keyword density, but this often grasp the main keywords, but ignore the high density key words may be hidden, and because the keyword density is too high caused by K. There are many such examples, today Beijing Shanghai dragon to introduce is another us to ignore the details: 404 pages.



C, Chinaz has been sticking to his own elegant and simple, though also a sense of humor.

404 page is an error page in the site, we compared to the normal page, this page is an abandoned page, if too much will cause bad evaluation on the website, it’s like our home if not clean for a long time, certainly waste piles, it is certainly not the guest is not comfortable, love home, for this we must do two things: first, cleaning waste, waste recycling, waste piling; two, turning waste into treasure. For the website, is this two step.

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