Small BBS type chain


, forum posts to


most of the weight of BBS posts is not high, but the popular post gain weight is very high, two articles as the A5 forum, page PR is 4! You can search "an ignorant 90 daddy Adsense journey" "if you want to improve rankings and weight will have to pay attention to the problem." these two popular posts with Adsense helper PR query for 4.

1, a popular post high

often in Shanghai Longfeng why, A5, the laggards and other popular forum learning has the same feeling, is the forum brush Posts soon, a new article, if no reply, probably a refresh can not find where. This phenomenon makes some efforts to write the Shanghai dragon is very helpless, because of the possibility of an article carefully conceived will encounter this kind of phenomenon.


for some high – quality posts, may be included, followed by a search engine that will be deleted, this is the time of the chain, not the long-term survival of the chain, is not bring high weight. You can watch popular BBS collected quantity, will find the BBS collected quantity is stable.

, a chain of the disadvantages of the

is the weight of many forums of itself is very high, but JiaBuZhu more people, more weight in the forum posts to the lower.

ForumThe weight of 1

3, a forum outside the chain of survival time is not long

popular forum every day a large number of new posts, frequent updates every day to attract spider crawling, so forum type >

apply for account, to a certain series can own signature function, they can be placed in Shanghai dragon chain in the signature. May just send a post or back to a post, the signature chain will be included.

chain is the introduction of Web site links, links for your website is very important, the quality and quantity of import links directly determines the weight of the site in the search engine. The chain in a variety of forms, a forum, blog, classification and so on, today Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon mainly want to say the BBS type chain. I want to say to the BBS type chain, we first thought is: low quality of the chain, the chain of garbage and other words, in fact, BBS type chain do good, the effect is very significant, not only can bring high weight, also can attract a lot of traffic.

two, BBS type chain has the advantages of


forum is updated frequently


2, BBS type chain has the advantages of convenient operation, simple

forum 2, brush Posts too quickly

The weight of

PR for 4

was very low

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