Learn three points you learn Shanghai Dragon


appears to solve the problem, many days I stand not included, how should I do; my website snapshot for many days, or even a month not to update, how should I do; I planned keywords, but how also not ranking to the first page, always hovering around second and third pages. I want to do; my site into the sand box, how should I do the chain; every day I do a lot, but included only a little, I want to do.


for the novice, just heard the Shanghai dragon noun is not know to represent meaning, even in doubt, the search engine can also optimized, often think of a very simple, even a lot of people say that I believe I can have a good ranking for several days. This is ridiculous. Shanghai dragon is a long and arduous process, we need to insist, I Shun star technology site through a year of efforts to get a good ranking, we must firmly believe that "as long as Kung Fu deep, iron can be ground into a needle".

1. "what is : "how to do" Please indicate the We should learn to

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when we new Adsense just contact Shanghai dragon, we will think of Shanghai, what is the dragon is what keywords, keyword density is what, Links is what, what is the chain, the chain is what, what is the site map, the natural ranking is what, what, what is the snapshot is a spider, what is the sandbox and other problems also should be out. The basic premise to make Shanghai dragon is to understand what these are.


2. "why":

in Shanghai dragon three, "what", "why" and "how to do". To the above three points, also mastered the basic Shanghai dragon.

why will appear, then how to do it, so we have solved how to do, to solve all the problems, do these three points to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon will be able to do a good job. I hope novice webmaster can start step by step, not instant success, hope to be able to help you, you have what good experience can also discuss, I also do not long Shanghai dragon.

What is the

made a few days Shanghai, there will be a lot of problems, especially for the new station, many novice webmaster do a few days I will ask why the station has not been included, why do I stand not ranking, why do I stand snapshot not update, why do I stand no log spider crawling traces, why do I no station flow, why do I stand outside the chain, why I was so little, why do I open the station so slow, all the problems appeared around the station.

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