Using the Tencent micro blog holiday blessing quickly improve website

: Tencent micro-blog content, here to make good use of our optimization knowledge, fully highlight in the content keywords, generally appeared 3 times for the best. Of course, in the content we can properly add some long tail keywords, no matter how the user can obtain the search rankings. Take the New Year wishes for example: 2012 New Year greetings, happy New Year Happy New Year message, "awesome recommendation, Xuzhou good recruitment network in the coming year, especially to send a special blessing, finally bring your own web site, which is the most fundamental goal. The source also get traffic. This sentence is very obvious that there are multiple keywords, integrate different users search, our website can have ranking, not shoot two hawks with one arrow. We can see the rankings, we get through different micro-blog keyword:

layout optimization knowledge contentThe second step is

is the first step to determine some big word searches, the greater the amount of search, get more traffic. As shown below: the new year coming, search new year greetings, happy New Year SMS words also more and more, we can easily obtain rankings through these words. The love of Shanghai keyword mining tools, can clearly see what specific word search volume is relatively large, choose 1~3 as you want to optimize the word.


fully demonstrated how to use micro-blog to make their own Tencent website to get better ranking, in fact virtually we are promoting its own website, the name is visible, we can skillfully add their own website in the content, give users leave a certain impression, millions of users around the country to browse our website to know the name of our website. It is a very happy thing, it can be easier than soft propaganda, the very obvious effect. It is recommended that you can try this way, believe that your site flow.

2012 New Year Blessing SMS rank:

is about to usher in the new year’s day, Spring Festival, we are happy, peaceful atmosphere to convey sincere blessings to every friend, funny, humor, surprise all kinds of greetings through search engines available, search volume also reached tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. Do not know the promotion of friends have not found a surprising promotion tips, using our hands Tencent micro-blog, can improve site traffic in the shortest time, of course, the premise is micro-blog certified (personal or business). This method is very effective, the billions of people are concerned, through the Tencent micro-blog, get the love Shanghai search engine ranking, the flow is rushing, flowing in. Good mood today, just to share out the secret and you:

Just after the

New Year Blessing SMS rank:


two, using

, a keyword mining

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