The one point one kind of love Shanghai search

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of course there is a reason why you website ranking is not stable, volatility is relatively large. No matter what the reason, if the change is love Shanghai search engine’s own rules, so we have no way to change, we can do is try our best to optimize a website.

understand the love of Shanghai said there are regional search, mean 100, love Shanghai according to the user’s IP tell you where the user, and then through the database and submit your local search related content, is your nearest priority information submitted to you. If you want to do a mobile phone lottery soft 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html, you search for mobile phone lottery software, according to your IP to your nearest service and information submitted to you first. It exists in different places to show search results are not the same. But now I love Shanghai did not promote this search, and should be a love Shanghai auction.

said this ranking, there is also a story. Originally the word mobile phone lottery software ranking in the third page, then I released the brush flow task in the pig site, complete that search keyword click on my website, and retention time of 3 minutes, overnight flow rate through natural search this key up dozens of. This brush 2 days after discharge, the word ranking rose to the home page. The word rankings vary from time to time whether it is because the keywords ranking rising too fast, not too normal? This is a question.

love Shanghai search one point one, in fact this problem early I found that confused me for a long time, but what is the specific reason is not clear. I optimize a recent mobile phone lottery site also encountered such a situation. When the search keywords mobile phone lottery software, the first search and second search results are not the same, the first search mobile phone lottery software, my marketing Station ranked in the first, refresh the next row to the second page, in the refresh back to the first page, is amazing.

of love Shanghai search, analysis of the causes of the one point one kind is not in place, if a webmaster know the reasons for this analysis can also help.

is the same person search results of the two different, here I have a preliminary analysis, the main reason may be the love of Shanghai database resources are very strong, when you first click on the search results without love, Shanghai does not think these are the information you want, when you search the same keywords, will recommend in addition to a number of resources to you. Of course there will be other reasons, for example, now more and more network service providers, is not only a unique telecom business, which leads to a lot of IP to catch up with the birth rate of IP database, which has a lot of IP is not recognized, is divided the wrong area, then your search results will be different.

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