Seven reasons analysis website is love Shanghai right down


of their own station, since put on the Ali Mama advertising new products. It had a bad time. The few days repeatedly see reason, always puzzled, then remove all the advertising links. Was included back. Then think, feel or sense. In the eaves of the ~

many friends said, want to have sex website ranking of Shanghai, will all love Shanghai products. From the statistical tools, advertising alliance, is the love of Shanghai, you will stand a good performance.

2. site changes to be careful

I have always thought that this understanding more extreme, Shanghai should not be so extreme love. A few days ago the Interactive Encyclopedia exclude prosecution, ha ha, the distributor with the information information provider, a bit hypocritical.

want to talk about the site right down to today. At the beginning of Shanghai self update algorithm has found that many of the original method available or operation, lead to drop right, and these may be due to the previous articles are not involved or not is very important to note that. Here we share their experiences, combined with their own work in the Shanghai dragon company, analyzes the cause of the site right down.


acquisition station directly by K

enterprise station, especially some novel websites and download station right down is more serious. The enterprise station is similar to the template content is not new, mostly in the same industry in the station in the collection of some industry news and novels stand up; natural needless to say, the content of some special collection CMS novels has built a big website, completely intelligent; download station with novel station. Similar software, can be said to be in the sky and Chinese version.

it seems that the site changes love Shanghai algorithm stare very tight, sometimes artificial algorithm should be more intelligent than the audit.

before the company accepted a relatively high weight, included 20000 of the site, the customer request changes the content page display. Only in the content page on calling a small icon, website is only a few hundred K. Finally back, after several weeks to recover.

3. set

Some views on

love Shanghai algorithm change after collecting a large number of stations directly by K. A great event is Taobao customer acquisition station by K, a Taobao customer complain. Collect, copy, do stand method, this is very direct, can use the software, make stand group. But now is not too easy to use.


4. Links to watch

Links and down the right site is always a pair of problems. You have to check the dangerous links, especially those collected garbage station, even not to change the template, before the link dedecms acquisition station several default template, since the site is still tangled in.

do not have to compromise, and Links, must look at the website quality.

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