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4, the internal structure of

When the

3, keywords ranking

nonsense to say so much, cut to the chase, I was in mid September to take over the site, the site through the analysis found that the site the following deficiencies in the early stages of the Shanghai Dragon:

is responsible for the site because before another Shanghai dragon Er, to further understand the Jiangxi modern service trade network the B2B sites included in the 2 months before the line did not what action, third months included only after another, mid September included the number 147.

in mid September to take over the "Jiangxi modern service trade network" website to the B2B website, currently on the line has been half a year. As we all know, 2013 is the love of Shanghai rules, Shanghai dragon industry has been a difficult year! Love Shanghai pomegranate original algorithm, Mars, Scindapsus algorithm let the webmaster launch the chain strike terror into the heart of rigorous review, seem to tell us the chain for the king of the era of the past, and we emphasize the evaluation of the quality of the chain to the user click rate will often make me think of is a chicken and egg problem. Anyway, if you feel powerless, it is because Shanghai dragon Er thinking have not changed, or that we all have a common system of Shanghai Longfeng successful optimization scheme. For the above, I believe that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er are explored, including me now in charge of the "Jiangxi modern service trade network" the B2B site is still in Shanghai love update algorithm in Shanghai Longfeng collection was still normal, showing the index of nearly ten thousand, while the site value is between 1000-5000 huge fluctuations.

site weight is 0, temporarily without any keyword ranking. In the detailed analysis, core keywords are not determined, therefore, the chain anchor text in the early to do, are messy, scattered. In order to determine the "modern service industry" as the core keywords, website of the title and web page add some "modern service industry" keywords, to increase the page keyword density.

, a website in mid September with the website now Shanghai dragon

When the

website in mid September is only 147

website in October 20th, included 547, included ratio was only 3.>

chain to mid September the number is about 1000, the specific enquiry, that point to the home page of the link is too little, this is caused by "one of the reasons for the keywords of Jiangxi modern service trade network" in 100 (will be mentioned later than other reasons). In addition, the chain in the breadth and quality needs to be improved.

2, the number of the chain

Objective: Thinking on the Internet experience few articles, they have time to write such a practical experience of the article, the terms may blunt, but which experience for beginners should be an inspiration.

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