Some conjecture 360 comprehensive search algorithm


to search for new sites and love Shanghai attitude is also very similar, are included beginning very slowly, I happen to have two new samples, one love Shanghai has not been included, while the 360 is also not included, while another station time longer, before the sea has included some love recently, by the hair, but this station included 360 of a small number of.


circulating in the industry to search the core from the former love Shanghai core staff, of course I didn’t reach the high level, the core of intelligence, but in comparison some search results of 360 samples, personally feel that there is not Weakness lends wings to rumours., spectrum. I use the search results in a sample of 360 search results, and the results of Sogou relatively large deviation, basically can be identified 360 algorithms and Sogou does not have what relation, it is love Shanghai, 360 search results, and love Shanghai in 628 before adjustment, some time or even earlier, around this year from February to March when the search results are very similar, basically the main keywords ranking of coincidence degree is very high, long tail keywords ranking results deviation is relatively small, combined with the previous love Shanghai charged 360 steal its data, the same data can be analyzed with similar results, 360 algorithms should have much deviation with love in Shanghai earlier this year, so this algorithm does not, I think it is the reliable rumors.

1, on the low weight station attitude difference: the station I is a new station, just a few months, which belongs to the typical low weight station, plus the content is copied to copy, Baidu always on my interest is not high, the spider every day to a few times, also are not caught the latest content, leading to new update the amount of content is copied to other stations included, the original has become a pirate; while the 360 Spider is very diligent, there are dozens of times a day to crawl, basically I update content on the web site, the 360 will soon be included, so I the station in 360 included the amount of search is fairly ideal, almost can catch the noble baby.

360 search and love Shanghai have some different places, I observed that there are two points:

2, for the copy of the attitude: love to Shanghai included a large number of plagiarized articles, I also not included this.

love Shanghai and 360 wars, love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjust, fluctuation and far more than in previous years, my unit site is in earnest do natural optimization station, because Baidu unpopular industry, could not escape, was pulled off this week, very helpless. In the boring, the group of friends chatted 360 comprehensive search, recently basically within the industry website traffic is largely from 360 to 360, also made some search results and observations, combined with Sogou Baidu historical data (because pulled the hair, so only good-looking history situation 360), to search algorithm for some conjecture.

During the recent

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