Shanghai dragon gave you webmaster brought much harm

network competition is fierce, especially Shanghai dragon industry, a "Shanghai dragon" keywords let many people crush the home page ranking. In the search on the network environment, have a good ranking is rare, especially in the fierce competition in the industry. Take Nanjing Shanghai dragon company, engaged in the promotion of the company are trying to optimize your site ranking top, in order to prove the industry leader position. But the website ranking is not so things get an easy job to do. He needs all aspects of site optimization and accurate maintenance team. Of course, Shanghai dragon is the core of work will not be changed, unless the day search engine giants don’t want these people there, but even so, the web search engine algorithm is a popular algorithm of thinking, this popular thinking as the main body, there must be Shanghai Longfeng way, or Shanghai with love what makes a website ranking in front of, let the other website ranking rear? How to get better rankings in the competition and will not last, I more from the perspective of human and industry theory, technology theory has a much hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, is made of garbage, and I think Shanghai Longfeng most can not do is to become garbage manufacturing who.

, the 2 inertial rubbish maker

1, the leader’s thinking and team strength

Every day

Optimization Website has a command, may be the stationmaster itself may also be business leaders, we know that the Internet is a continuous innovation, but the Shanghai dragon indeed people endless tangle, occlusion, stiffness, thinking habits become, I also met some think "Niubi" characters, say do look very coherent, then you will find a lot of is a universal concept. As we listen to the lecture about success, slogan, case, step back and think about this fact and I know a lot of truth is the same, but why in a class full of passion, a bed is all gone? This is a problem of execution, and the execution is directly linked with the leader and his team leadership, thinking and character of the decision and the extension of the enterprise team. Do medical seen a lot of people in Putian, seemingly clever but a stomach turbidity water; traditional industries do have seen a lot of people, but the traditional mean caitaiqicu; do the brother-in-law always meet the one or two stupid sister-in-law. Leaders want to make the proper model on this, the trust, innovation and charisma are inseparable. The team is mostly composed of migrant workers, migrant workers regardless of how care treatment, which pay more attention to the importance of trust. No reputable leader will become the team strength of the block, no credit event will be a twenty hundred, lead team estrangement, grip is not tight. This is an important basis of Shanghai dragon, the work of foreign pedestrians is rare, but boring. Boring with nothing more than between people in harmony, mutual benefit and trust coexist.

we don’t know how much waste is to optimize the Internet evangelists to manufacturing, but often think of such a problem, the heart like spears, have to put these people to a death can not, there are a lot of body in the world.

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