The four core elements of the game sharing website home page optimization

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: to setup META label

The construction of the chain of

two: to create the correct H1 tag

three: let the site static URL

for the website optimization, the most important is the home page of the website optimization, website ranking as the focus is on the front page, especially for gaming sites, usually limited to the contents of the stretched, so in the game website optimization Shanghai dragon aspect, we should pay more attention to the optimization of the home page, but many webmaster in optimize home page, easy access to some errors, these errors will lead to serious problems, so that their website is becoming more and more low ranking, or even the danger of K, so if you want to optimize your game site, you should do the home page optimization from four aspects, the following I came with his legendary world website, to talk about how to optimize the world’s legendary game website

Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology personnel in the website optimization, emphasis may be different, such as the use of H1 tags, H1 tags are usually placed in the top right corner of the page bulletin, but now more and more Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, in order to disguise their optimization, make their optimization become less leakage traces so, at the H1 tag, do not set the core keywords, but this practice is obviously wrong, in fact the H1 tag set into their core keywords to find themselves on the first page of the sea spider love becomes even more attractive! Search game website there is no flow conversion reason analysis of four solutions

URL now are dynamic and static, dynamic website is very conducive to expansion, so by the owners of the favorite, but the use of dynamic URL has an obvious drawback, which is not conducive to search engine included, and dynamic URL on the home page, but also easily lead to love Shanghai offensive, optimization effect Shanghai Dragon so to achieve better, the best way to natural sites throughout the URL are static, do a little attention, can not be simple if it is pseudo static, pseudo static, is not conducive to the website optimization.

usually META tags for a web site, may be a lot of operating game site webmaster friends, will pay more attention to the construction of the chain site, the site within the chain, often not enough attention, but the Shanghai dragon game website optimization level is not high, the effect is good, the key is to use META tags because, for the construction of the website chain, we have all kinds of methods to achieve, it is not to spend money, also can achieve, but the site in the construction of the chain, can show the degree of master station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique, and META tag writing can not simple keyword stuffing, but the appropriate the classification, such as the legend of the website, through the handed down, the legend of the world, the legend of the world publishing network core keywords progressive method to set up, and Help the site get better capture rate of

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